Is Life Inherently Meaningless?

life is meaningless

What is it that is giving life meaning? What is it within you that pre-supposes there is any such thing as ‘meaning’ in the first place?


The Truth

The truth is that there is no meaning to life. Life is its own meaning and its own purpose. In the same way as there is no meaning to water – water just is.

As with most things, the truth strips away all of the noise and unnecessary dogma and leaves the glaringly obvious right in front of your face.

There is no ‘search for meaning’ because there is no meaning to life. Life is meaningless.


The Dream

In the story of ‘me’. In the story of ‘my this’ and ‘my that’, there is purpose, meaning and the need for fulfilment. But the person can never reach it because it’s a never-ending game. 

There isn’t anything within the dream of separation that can bring any level of peace to your existence. 

The dream we create as individuals is a world of duality and separation. Our perception, therefore, is the root of suffering. Allowing the dream to play out without imprinting our judgment on it permits the flow of life without resistance. 

The dualistic nature of the dream encourages the ego to grasp onto a sense of meaning and purpose when there isn’t anything to grab onto. 



The constant search for knowledge creates a loop. ‘The more I know, the more I realise I don’t know’ is a well known saying because so many people experience it. 

It goes on and on, with nothing being able to satisfy that itch. You can spend decades of your life trying to find that piece of information that will make you ‘whole’ (the illusion of knowledge-seeking).

The same goes for spiritual seeking. Seeking for something pre-supposes that there is a seeker and something that is being sought. ‘Once I achieve enlightenment, then I will be at peace’. Nope – never has been and never will be. 

There is nothing more to know unless you’re seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Drop it just for a week and see what happens. 

Only the awareness and experience of no-self/total-self can bring what you’re looking for.