Zeeshan Haider Khan | The Magic Of Nature, (the idea of) Overpopulation And Biodynamic Farming

Zeeshan Haider Khan

Zeeshan Haider Khan

Zeeshan Haider Kahn has led a remarkable life which has given him amazing experiences and a lot of wisdom.

He talked about his journey from being homeless, living in a forest to now living (nearly) off the land with his thriving family.  He had to do the podcast on top of a hill because of the lack of signal – a cow made an appearance half way through.

This was part 1 – we’ll be concluding the conversation next week.


In part 1 we spoke about:

– Zeesh’s Life Story

– Biodynamic and Organic Farming

– Overpopulation

– Holistic Living

– Va**ines

– The Creeping Totalitarianism  Enjoy


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