Current Ventures


I bought my first house in 2013 for £67,000. After my footballing ‘career’ ended, I needed to channel the energy and multi-disciplinary skills I’d collected over the years. Property had always appealed to me as a youngster because of the big numbers involved. £100,000 to a young man who sold sweets in the playground was a lot of money.

Since the end of 2013, I’ve done 100’s of deals. It’s almost impossible to track them all, but the transaction value is in the 10’s millions.

My biggest deal to date (December 2023) has been £1.15m. I expect to put a £0 on the end of this number over the next couple of years, not because it has worldly external significance, but because one’s paradigms must expand and the person you become must evolve. That’s the fascinating bit.

Now, I’m predominantly in the commercial property space. I’m passionate about small and medium size companies thriving. Entrepreneurship should be rewarded, in my opinion, but society seems to hold a vendetta against those who take risks to improve the world. This is why SMEs are my favourite tenants. We regularly offer favourable terms to assist them in making their companies as impactful and profitable as possible.

If you want to join a genuine property network full of action-takers, consider The Prosperity Network. I have no interest in the network other than being a member. It’s very good.


The Vidya Group

The Vidya Group is a group of property investment and trading companies.

We work closely with investors on both a joint venture/equity basis and as debt partners. In basic language, we have specific investors who share profits and others who lend us money for a fixed-rate return. This requires different structures, hence the need for a group of companies.

My favourite part of this business is the people I deal with. I’m a deal-making machine, but none of this happens without a magnificent network of people around me who are mastering their craft.

Our investors believe in us, and we believe in them. They’re strapped in for the ride.

You can see some of our past and current deals here.

If you want to find out about working with us, send me an email –



I’m not a crypto investor. I fell lucky and bought some Bitcoin in 2016 and have continued to buy since. I’ve also purchased and held onto other ‘coins’ as well as many ‘shitcoins’. I’ve made a lot of money off these things and lost a lot, too. I do not hold this stuff as an investment but as high-risk speculation. It always amuses me when people tell me how risky it is, as if I’ve been oblivious to the 95% drops in the market every couple of years.

Property investment doesn’t abuse your emotions like crypto. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

I’m not a crypto trader and am ignorant of most of the space. I am good at surrounding myself with people who know far more than I do, and I’m grateful to those who’ve pointed me to some of these profit machines. But I’m not pretending to be something I’m not. A super-skill nowadays is self-awareness…

I believe Bitcoin is different. I’m naturally ‘anti-system’ and softly libertarian politically. In my opinion, Bitcoin is worth a portion of my net worth. It’s outperformed and re-priced every modern asset, but it aligns with my philosophical outlook. It’s truthful and timeless.