A Bit About Me

I was a professional football (soccer) player for 12 months between 2010/2011. My whole life had been geared toward becoming a footballer, and I had succeeded by 18. Within 12 months, it had gone, and although I had a couple of injury issues, it was ultimately my responsibility. I didn’t have the mental strength to handle the various pressures.

I’m naturally quite introverted. I struggled with the energy that surrounded professional sports and the illusory nature of the label.

At 19, I was released at the end of my contract. I expected it, but it was also a big tear to my ego. The pain, suffering and loss of identity drove me to start my health and fitness business and devour personal development books. 

Everything my ego had decided I was, I wasn’t anymore, and consuming information temporarily filled a void. It wasn’t football that allowed me to avoid myself; it was knowledge and business. Constantly working and reading gave me a superficial sense of meaning, but it worked at the time and gave me a tremendous foundation to build on.



At some point early on, I read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, which is a bit cliché nowadays, but it completely shifted the way I thought about reality. It’s an investment book that evolved around a myth. But I got more from it than that. Rather than being linear and predictable, I realised that there was an entirely different world out there to experience. It was available to anyone with the vision, drive, and creativity.

After reading extensively and trying to figure out what I was here for, I learnt how to invest in real estate. Over the last eight years, I have bought and sold millions of pounds worth of property, giving me the financial foundation to invest in other asset classes and take risks in other business ventures.

Increasing your financial intelligence changes the direction of your life. The downright fraud of the financial system is apparent when you go into greater depths of study. This information has played a significant role in my personal development. It has allowed me to ‘play the game’ and not take business so seriously.

Money takes on a different meaning when you understand what it is and isn’t. I understand the mechanics of the financial system. It isn’t scary when it’s understood, and there is no battle. 

A lot of my meaningful work is now donation-based, a philosophy based on the work of Charles Eisenstein.

You can read more about my entrepreneurial ventures here.


Awakening And Transformation 

The most noticeable transformation was the change of my inner landscape that comes with psychological and spiritual development. 

My path led me to study spiritual traditions from the world over, consciousness research, history, esotericism/occultism, psychology, holistic well-being and healing modalities, philosophy, and shamanism.

I have also participated in numerous plant medicine ceremonies, particularly Ayahuasca, over the last five years. In terms of consciousness expansion, I don’t think anything comes close to psychedelics as a technology, providing they are done sacredly. However, these things are not the answer to a meaningful life; they are simply a tool for the potential embodiment of wisdom.

Now, along with running a couple of businesses, I write, create content online, and work alongside people to expand consciousness – aligning their inner landscape with the external world. You can enquire to work with me here.

Life is Sacred. My main work is to bring as many people to this awareness as possible so their Light can shine forth.

Thank you for reading. 

Alex Hickman



“And the greatest sin is that of a man who, finding himself in a world where the sacred light of His Majesty is obscured, nevertheless determines to go on living without doing anything about it.”

Yukio MishimaRunaway Horses


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