The Divine Dream

divine dream

All you can do when discussing Truth is point in its direction. You can’t grasp it with words or the mind because it’s non-linear impersonal, and infinite.

Here, I’ll attempt to share a creation myth. Be mindful here that I am using words and human qualities to describe something indescribable. I’m also only pointing using metaphor and mythology. 


The Creation Myth

Boundless energy (God) was resting as nothingness and everythingness. It got bored of being nothing and everything and so decided to dream up an existence that could be perceived by itself. However, as part of the dream and to make it exciting, the highest ‘creation’ of this dream (human) would forget that it is dreaming.

The dream would use ‘evolution’ as a means of forgetfulness. What we know as the ego is the survival mechanism within the human that keeps the dream alive. This illusion of separation in the dream was needed to ‘have experience’ and to ‘be aware’ of something ‘external’.

This would create a fascinating story. There would be war, famine, poverty. There would also be peace, love and abundance. All potentialities would arise in the world of seeming dualities through the (apparent) separate entities. 

The Eternal Energy ‘breathed’ life into the dream (spirit) so that everything was in motion and ‘spiritualised’.


Waking Up – Exiting The Dream

The animal and natural kingdom wouldn’t know separateness because they wouldn’t be ‘programmed’ with self-consciousness and therefore couldn’t ‘go inwards’.

The capability of introspection came with the ability to figure out the dream and ‘wake up’. Becoming lucid in the dream state is an impersonal experience that can happen to any person at any time. It’s often closely related to ‘spirituality’ – almost as if consciousness had turned in on itself to figure itself out.

Any person who fully ‘wakes up’ will no longer consider themselves as ‘separate’ to life, and nothing would be taken seriously anymore. Everything is known as a dream, being projected (apparently) onto the screen of appearances. ‘You’ (the ego) collapses into life as one and the same thing. It is realised that there is no separation between anything, and life ‘just is’.


It’s incredible what the human mind can come up with when trying to make sense of the non-sensible.