The Enemy Of Truth

enemy of truth

The Enemy Of Truth

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name.” – Lao Tzu.

The Truth is void of all concepts. It cannot be labelled as it doesn’t have any qualities. It is infinite and eternal and therefore has no opposites.


Perception and Concepts

Perception is to create a duality. Duality is fine in reality and not to be dismissed – it is how we interact, create and evolve the dream. 

However, duality creates an equal and opposite. That is how the Universe stays balanced. Without this opposing force, the Universe could not exist. Concepts, therefore, are dualistic in nature. 

Left-wing – right-wing

Good – evil

Right – wrong

None of these things is true. All of these things cause conflict. Once again, that isn’t to say these dualities are wrong; we need to understand they are not valid. No opinion, belief or concept holds any truth. They are all an illusion in a dream. 



All suffering has its roots in identifying solely with the body and mind – which happens by virtue of psychological development and the necessary ego structure. 

Evolutionarily, creation has needed this survival mechanism (ego) to keep us alive and to ‘keep evolving’ (it’s a wordless process and therefore very difficult to put into language).

To end suffering is to accommodate the knowing that you don’t exist in Truth. Living in the world as an individual, which I am a huge proponent of, can only happen authentically if you know that you’re operating in a dream, and you’re a single point of consciousness in an ocean made of the same ‘stuff’.

This is beyond identification with body and mind. It is the non-identification of self as an existing separate all of life. 

That is it. You’re perception, which naturally creates duality is the cause of all suffering. All depression, all anxiety, all ‘noise’ can be completely overcome with this realisation.