Your Attention Is Sacred

attention is sacred

Your Attention Is Sacred

When I was 16, I was playing football and video games. When I was 26, I was reading psychology, philosophy, spirituality and esoteric books. During those ten years, there was one thing that changed – where I was paying my attention. Of course, my psychological development had transformed, but fundamentally it was the realisation that my attention is sacred. People say life is a joke, it is in one sense, but it’s also incredibly serious if we wish to evolve our Soul.


The World Fights For Your Attention

‘The Attention Economy’ – a term coined decades ago that treats human beings as a scarce commodity because we only have so much attention. In the new digital age we are entering, the quicker and longer your attention can be held, the more profitable you become. This is why if you have poor emotional intelligence and are outraged easily, you’ll become a profit machine for organisations profiting from your attention. 

The media no longer care about the truth; they care about ratings and profit. If they can grab your attention before anybody else, they win.

This is rife in the social media space. The techniques used by these companies are very questionable. Check out an article I wrote a while ago about keeping your digital sovereignty.


Awareness Is Divine, Don’t Waste It On Distraction

Humans are the pinnacle of evolution/creation on this planet. Nothing is as conscious, with the same level of awareness as a human being.

If we go to a deeper metaphysical level, we could ask the question – what is it that’s aware? Is it us as individuals, or is it Divine? Is that which is aware in you, the same as that which is aware in me? Our perception of awareness changes based on ego development, but awareness itself doesn’t change. It doesn’t have any quality other than ‘just existing’.

If our attention is sacred, therefore, do it a service by spending it on Divine matters.


Consumption and Creation

We become what we persistently focus on. ‘New Age’ dogma says ‘what we think about; we bring about’. That’s incorrect, like much of that movement.

It is where our attention is going that brings about your future reality. If your attention is focussed on enlightenment, your life will rearrange itself to make that happen. Thoughts are fleeting; they come and go – a spiritual will with focussed attention is powerful.

What we consume with our attention is what we will then create. If we consume inadequate information, we will become poor ‘creators’ – in the same way as becoming fat if we eat poor food. We are creating at all times, so realising your attention is sacred allows you to consume high consciousness information for a high consciousness creation.