Your Attention Is Sacred – Be Careful Where You Put It

attention is sacred

Your Attention Is Sacred

I discuss how sacred your attention is and how to use it to become a the highest version of yourSelf.


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Hi guys, Alex here for project sovereign. I thought I’d do a quick podcast here on how sacred our attention is. Last week we had the Prince Harry and his wife and everything all over the media and millions of people tuned in to watch other people’s drama and show and she cried. And if you realise how sacred your attention is, you wouldn’t spend time being so concerned in the dramas of other people’s lives.

The attention that we focus on has fields of energy. And if you’re focusing on things that don’t give anything real substance, just create drama when emotional turmoil then you’re not receiving anything beneficial there that you can implement in your life or put out into the world.

A lot of the stuff that we have now pushed down our throats in the media and in social media, and just people in general nowadays is very low consciousness and awareness. It’s so sacred, that you don’t want to be wasting your your lifeforce and your attention, your awareness on other people’s rubbish.

If you’re getting into disputes all over social media and everything like that, you’re just wasting your precious energy and your precious time. That can say that everything changed in my life, when the consumption of information that I was taking in when I consciously chose it, what came into my field of awareness, then assisted with what I then put back into the world.

So the reason that I can do podcasts like this, and my youtube channel is because the stuff that I consume, is worthy of my sacred attention. I don’t spend my time listening to rubbish and low consciousness stuff, because the stuff that are then put back into the world would be of that similar energy field.

So try and make your have at the forefront of your mind that, you know, the sacredness of you and your attention. If you want to go deeper, the awareness, being aware of your own thinking and being aware of what you’re consuming is divine.

Seeing your eyes and hearing through your ears, that’s an evolutionary or creative process that’s going on for millions or billions of years. And if you’re wasting that evolution on absolute garbage, you’re doing a disservice to yourself, but you’re also doing a disservice to God if you believe in God or evolution, if you believe in evolution or both, if you believe in both you know, you owe yourself a service to fulfil your your given talents and your highest potential.

You’re not going to do that by watching Prince Harry and his wife on television claiming everybody’s racist and everything. It’s absolute nonsense. It’s just there to divide people. If you notice the media as well, all over that week, they you know, cause division in everybody.

There was a horrendous death in the UK with a with a woman that got killed by a policeman. And then on the same week, the media have just pushed out complete division around women and men saying men need to stay in the houses at 6pm and all this rubbish. If you get consumed by all that you can, like, lose focus on where you want to go in life and you know, your own spiritual development.

If you get lost in this, you’re just wasting your attention, you’re wasting your energy, it’s going to drag you down. The media do this on purpose, they have no agenda whatsoever to tell you the truth, their agenda is to be first. Grab your attention and get paid, they don’t care about the truth. We’ve seen this for the last 12 months. If you can’t see it, now you’re never gonna see it.

So back on the high levels of consumption if you take in high level consciousness, if you listen to high level podcasts, videos, books, conversations with people, you can then stop putting out into the world high level consciousness things to if you don’t, if what you consume and which is what you become. If eating rubbish low level stuff, then you’re going to become a low level person.

In fact, what you’re consuming now is what you will be in five to 10 years. So don’t consume, what the media and the social media people who are arguing all the time, don’t consume that consume high consciousness, things so that you can then create things in the world that are of that same degree.

Okay, so I’m signing off. This is Alex for project sovereign. I hope you’ve got a little bit from that. I thought I’d do it off the cuff because I’ve been seeing a lot of people arguing on social media. So I hope this, this helps them a little bit. I mean, keep at the forefront of your mind that your attention is divine, it is so sacred, and where you put that attention is what you will start to become. So people think it’s your thoughts that attract things. That’s like New Age law of attraction stuff. Most of it’s rubbish. It’s actually your attention where you’re placing your sacredness, so keep that at the forefront of your mind. Okay. Have a great day. Have a great week. I’ll speak to you soon.