Learning To Love Pain

love pain

We are living in a hyper-feminised society. I know it may be challenging to recognise that with the amount of anti-man propaganda making waves across the western world, it is true nonetheless. 

A natural feminine state is nurturing and caring. Natural qualities of masculinity are action, protection and provision. In this hyper-feminised society, there are few action takers and protectors – a big reason for this is the egoic need for safety and security. Comfort is sought before sovereignty and enlightenment because many fear losing their comfort blanket of safety. 

Learning to love pain is how we overcome this imbalance. 


Avoidance of Pain

As a culture, we do everything we can to avoid staring pain in the face. I get it; it’s uncomfortable and can be scary. And our natural evolutionary processes do their best to make us fearful of ‘dangerous’ situations – that’s how we have evolved from the most primitive life form to the pinnacle of evolution today (in this realm at least).

The avoidance of pain means you cannot live. Life is your best teacher – she rewards you with more energy when you’re walking an authentic path, and he halts you in your tracks when it’s time to ascend.

We’re now conditioned to avoid pain, and it’s a sign of spiritual weakness. The constant need to ‘heal’ is a new phenomenon; it isn’t natural to have ‘healing’ at the forefront of your mind.

Spiritual illumination is not soft and mellow – it takes courage to face pain in the face.


Learning To Love Pain

‘Life is suffering’ – Buddha.

Action, meaning running towards life, will inevitably give you lessons. These lessons often masquerade as pain, but that is how we transcend. Pain holds keys to life’s mysteries. It allows us to transcend lower states of consciousness by shining a light on our darkness.

Put yourself into situations that bring about pain. That could be bringing up repressed content of the mind to deal with or going into the business world and taking bigger risks. Your consciousness will elevate with life experience. This is why elders (often) have more wisdom than the younger generation – it is natural.

Fearlessly interact with the world. Of course, be rational and moral, but don’t concern yourself too much with the consequences of what will happen. The fear you have is a by-product of evolution, it no longer serves us very well, and people are slaves to it.

We should not avoid pain; we should actively move towards it.