Becoming Unshakeable In The Face Of Adversity

becoming unshakeable

“To be a Phoenix, you have to burn” – Kamal Ravikant

Life is wonderful. Becoming unshakeable in the face of adversity allows you to live a wholesome life full of beauty. Without this interaction, you’re missing out on the gift.

Beauty encompasses all of life, not just the things you want to happen. If you went on a rollercoaster that didn’t make you scared, throwing you from pillar to post, you’d ask for your money back. In life, we tend to do the opposite – we actively avoid interacting with life because of fear.


Life Isn’t ‘Nice’

Why do we think life is ‘nice’? Where did that idea come from? Watch a lion chasing a helpless deer and ripping it to pieces for lunch. That can’t be considered ‘nice’, but that brutality is the biosphere’s beauty – the most evolved system on planet Earth. It sustains all of the natural worlds.

We need to understand that life isn’t nice. It’s meant to have its adversities. They are our ‘upgrades’.

When you take the path less travelled, adversity is what you’re signing up for. You’ve chosen the Path of Truth with its obstacles, pain and (perceived) suffering.


If You Want To Fly, You Gotta Burn

The awakening process can be excruciating as the hologram and belief systems you have created for yourself get destroyed. Your self-identity gets torn apart. What is left is not known until you take that plunge, and there is no safety net. This takes an act of warrior-like courage and an unshakeable dedication to Truth.

Becoming unshakeable is a state of knowingness. You know that you’re not here to play games – you’re here to evolve. Your interaction with life is the means of this evolution. Burning away everything you thought you were is painful but so beautiful that it cannot be put in words.


Becoming Unshakeable

At the forefront of your awareness, know that life is magnificent, and adversity plays an essential role as a Human. It is through this adversity that we transcend.

The meaning we give to situations is our own. The more you individuate, the less influence the crowd have on your consciousness, and the meaning you give to events is authentic. Until then, you’re generally just a talking, nodding head. Unfortunately, most people are here in life; they don’t have the courage to become individuals.

Often, it is the warriors with the most scars that hold the most wisdom. Becoming unshakeable is a state – one that you can enter right now.