Being At Peace With Chaos

being at peace with chaos

Being At Peace With Chaos

It seems a level of peace is unattainable to the constant, noisy mind – I assure you it isn’t. Being at peace with chaos, whether out in the world or in your own mind, is what we are unconsciously seeking. 

Peace is directly correlated with happiness.

Human beings, or more accurately the ego, try to control all circumstances to fit into its model of the world. As I’ve mentioned time and time again, the ego is a defence mechanism – it tries to keep itself safe from destruction. By controlling everything, it thinks it can be ‘certain’ of events and maintain its survival. This is all an illusion of egoic consciousness, and peace cannot be a known state until this has been transcended.


What You Can Control

You can control your response to chaos. The higher your emotional intelligence, the more you’ll be able to harness the power of your emotions without them unconsciously running your lives. 

Ask yourself the question, ‘can I be ok not knowing here – can I live with this uncertainty?’. The answer is always yes; it is just the ego’s fear of annihilation that brings on the discomfort. 


Tools For Certainty

If you cannot handle living in uncertainty, you can do a few things to help. 

Be Mindful Of Consumption

Social media and the media, in general, is a cesspit of negativity. Although the ego often feeds off this, it’ll do a lot of harm in the long term. Consume only things that take you towards a higher level of being, and avoid energy drains like the plague. 

Purposeful Distraction

Use things that you know you enjoy doing as a purposeful distraction. If the mind is in overdrive, go and watch some rubbish television or bake some cakes – anything that will provide some mental space. 

Move Energy Around The Body

Do some exercise. Get the blood pumping and push your physical limits. Not only is it good for the body to have consistent stressors, but it’ll give you something to focus on. The flow of energy around the body will benefit your state. 

Breathe Deeply

You have control over your breath, so it provides some comfort. Breath as deeply as possible through your nose and focus on nourishing your body with the electricity of life. This one-pointed focus will quiet the mind. 


Order And Chaos In Unity

Ego’s try to manage their uncertainty – that doesn’t necessarily mean the Universe is fundamentally uncertain. Everything is happening in the Mind of God at the deepest metaphysical level, and therefore order and chaos collapse in Unity. Non-duality (everything is one) cannot have anything other than Unity.

So when you cannot handle ‘not knowing’, try and remember that this is one divine play in the mind of God – and we should all be laughing at each other playing the game.