Teachings From Nature

teachings from nature

Nature is our biggest teacher. She is the manifestation of Goodness here on Earth – an infinite majestic system impossible to comprehend by the human mind. When we spend time with her, she revitalises us. When we treat her poorly, she still provides everything we need.

Having studied the human psyche and human physical form for years, I have come to understand that Nature is our mirror. The closer we can align with her qualities, the healthier we are. It is as simple as that.

(Please note I capitalise Nature because I consider it divine.)


Teachings From Nature

Here are some of the things I’ve contemplated on:

Infinitely Abundant Energy Source

Nature consumes less than it puts out. Nature uses the Sun as its focal point of energy, it transforms this energy into life on this planet. Therefore, it’s an infinitely abundant source of energy. As humans, we can take high wisdom from this.

In the age of technology and information, how much do we consume compared to create? How much do we put into the world compared to take from it? If Nature takes more than she creates, this planet ceases to exist. Living our life in a similar way makes us an abundant energy source.

The study of ‘systems’ is a good way to wrap your head around this.



She is ferocious – look at the wild hurricanes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. I’ve deeply considered this because we often think of these types of events as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ as humans. The reality is that they are neutral, and we are putting our feelings onto the event.

What can we learn here from Nature and her dispassion?

Our emotional response to life’s events is what causes our suffering. Nature is always in balance and at peace – even when we tear it to pieces. When our life seems to be falling apart, how emotionally stable can we be in those situations, seeing life from a higher perspective?


Self-Sustaining Eco-System

The Sun’s energy gives all life to Earth. If we consider it the source of all energy (it isn’t, but for the sake of simplicity), then the Sun becomes the ‘beginning’ of Earth’s holistic system.

Using the Sun’s energy, Nature is a self-sustaining, holistic, organic entity that we call the eco-system. Everything feeds off everything else in a natural hierarchy. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ with it – just an organic system of goodness that feeds off everything else. So when the lion is ripping the Zebra to pieces, let’s see it for what it is without putting human emotion onto it.

In human life, I see us being able to create self-sustaining small communities, which must be decentralised to allow fluidity and organic flow. However, how this can be scaled on a global level is beyond my level of cognition. Nature has the answers; it’s just too complex to comprehend.



Wherever you are in the world, you will have seasons to varying degrees. Without a doubt, these seasons will happen. The climate change talk is worthy of study, but let’s not assume that we have more power than Nature does. If she wants us off the face of this planet, she’ll do it.

The human body is the highest temple of Nature creation. Nothing can hold as much complexity as the human body; it is the pinnacle of evolution. When we see the cyclical nature of the seasons, let’s be sure that humans mirror them in all of its complexity.

People will have times of ‘winter, spring, summer and autumn’ throughout their lives. It can be no other way – you’re the mirror and highest manifestation of Nature.


Perhaps the way we treat Nature is how we see ourselves? And perhaps the way we treat Nature is how we see God?