The Truth Kills The Fiction

Hand Forest

To get to what is true, that which is illusion needs to be understood and seen for what it is. This brings about pain and suffering while beliefs and opinions get ripped apart as darkness has the light of Knowing shone upon it.

Frequently the question is asked ‘Why do bad things happen to good people’. This is one of the biggest fictions in our society. We hear this often because our conditioning tells us to run away from adversity, not to go into suffering and pain, what Carl Jung called ‘The Shadow’. The truth is that the ‘bad thing’ is a service to you. Everything happens for you, not to you. 

Seeing pain and suffering as a service to you frees you from your own self-imposed bondage, removes the victim archetype from your psyche and allows you to step into your natural state of peace and power. True peace and power beyond what can be measured and is known by the majority.

(This is also why forgiveness, especially of parents, is imperative)

Many ‘new age’ folk go to places that have the reputation of being ‘spirituality enlightening’. They run around happy-clappy and acting all joyful. Anybody who has done any level of deep spiritual self-development work can smell the incongruency of it all. Unfortunately, the people relying on this to feel better will be waiting a while. We do not need happy-clappy, we need wholesome, integral inner work.

If you are fed up with your mental chatter, unhappy with how you feel, etc then stop running and be still. Don’t resist, let the pain train run you over multiple times and see for yourself what happens once it has been transmuted. It isn’t a quick fix, it can last weeks. You will know when.