Expanding Your Conscious Awareness


Your consciousness sunglasses

How you see the world is a reflection of your level of consciousness. Imagine a pair of glasses with a gradient degree of shading from 0-100. 0 being deep red and 100 being bright green. Each time we shift in consciousness, we change lenses to that level and see the world with that tint of shading. Not one person on the planet considers reality as any other person.

This is where empathy and compassion are necessary. If you asked a person…’ what is better, age ten or age fourteen?’. The answer would be there is no better or worse; they just are. The same applies to whatever colour shades you are wearing.

Id invite you to read ‘Beyond The Himalayas’ by Murdo Macdonald Bayne for a mind-blowing read. I wrote a review on the book here.

Being at peace

A constant bombardment of thoughts, which are not yours, usually drags the person into a sense of unruly irritation. The average person will not have any idea why they feel uneasy and never at peace, and there is a good reason for that. The reason being as these thoughts attach themselves to the ego, the further one gets from its real source of unlimited power. 

If a person realised the level of effectiveness of their lives if only they can remain in a state of calmness, they wouldn’t allow. Remove the firmly held belief that thought is who you are. 

Your ultimate power gets unleashed when you are at peace with yourself when you can become unshakeable in the face of adversity.

I’d recommend watching this excellent video on the principles of Taoism to realise the power of peace and non-resistance.

Your relationship with adversity

Imagine your life as ‘Earth School’. Daily tests and infrequent serious exams that enable us to jump up the next level. Fail the exam, and we need another one, pass the exam, and we progress onto the next level. Some may experience these exams as a severe illness, relationship breakdowns or financial hardships, for example. So ask yourself the question…’ Do you want to advance to the next level or not’? We are not here for an easy life; we are here for growth; however, that shows up. Consciousness doesn’t judge right or wrong; your mind does. 

Reframing the supposed adverse event into a different context may shift your reality instantly. 


3 Ways to Forgive

  • Forgive others for hurting you
  • Forgive yourself for hurting others
  • Forgive yourself for hurting yourself

A process that is not easy at all. Forgiving somebody that may have done something damaging to you takes a lot of courage and inner strength. 

Forgiveness will give a person a release of toxic energy, much of which will have created unconscious patterns. 

1)Other people need your forgiveness as much as it heals you to forgive them. The energetic release will quite literally set both parties of unconscious bondage. 

2)Something that is often forgotten because the ego doesn’t like to have a light shone on it. The ego will continue to try and protect you, coming up with reasons why it wasn’t your fault, and the harmed person deserved it in some way. Quieten the mind/ego down while you do this process and open up.

3)This could be the most painful of the process. Looking into the pain you have put yourself through may be agony, but forgiving yourself for doing it will be truly liberating. Dig deep into your heart. 


Write a letter every morning for 30 days with people/things you’re are offering forgiveness too. Embody the message and then burn the letter, offering it back to the Universe.