Beyond The Himalayas: Dr Murdo Macdonald-Bayne

beyond the himalayas

Rating 9/10

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Beyond the Himalayas is in the top 3 pieces of writing that have had a profound effect on my life.

Dr Murdo Macdonald-Bayne was a mystic from Scotland, born in 1887.

The writer covers how he travelled to India and the Tibetan Himalayas with a close friend and meets some very wise and enlightened masters as he scaled the mountains of the Himalayas. By all accounts this is a true journey that he went on. When he came back he gave numerous lectures all across the planet for the benefit of mankind.

The book takes you on a journey through the occult (hidden) sciences, shining a light on religious dogma and absolutely shatters belief systems. Dr Mac takes you along to numerous different masters who all teach different ancient principals and forgotten sciences on the nature of reality. At times I found myself re-reading parts, not because I didn’t understand what was being said, but because it left me in a state of awe at how one sentence or paragraph could shift an entire way of thinking.

It managed to somehow start unpicking my own firmly held beliefs as I worked my way through the chapters. Maybe the most profound teaching was that of the working of time and how our relationship to it creates major friction, leaving us with fear, anger, anxiety etc… The book leaves you with practical steps, even though there is no actual linear processes, on how to improve your relationship with yourself, others and your external reality.  

This book was that impactful that everything I have read since, including the Bhagavad Gita, have struggled to leave as much of a lasting impression as this one.