The Rise Of The Beta Male

beta male

The Rise Of The Beta Male

July 1914 was the beginning of world war 1. There were 250,000 young men under the age of 18 fight between 1914 and 1918. Across the board, 14% of soldiers died, which means we could assume at least 35,000 young men below 18 died in those four years. Heartbreaking, but so mightily courageous it puts the modern man to shame.

Men are more depressed, more unhealthy, more childish, and less educated than at any time in known history. In comparison to their female counterparts, they’re on their knees.


For a few reasons.



“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” G. Michael Hopf

Since the major wars, the western world has lived in relative comfort. The baby boomer generation had children, known as Generation X. Generation X is followed by ‘The Millenials’ (I’m lumped into this group but don’t fit the stereotype). Children born after 1996 are known as ‘Gen Z’. Every generation that has followed the major world wars has become more and more ‘progressive’ (degenerative in reality).

Life has become too comfortable, and men no longer know their role in society. Before the world wars, it was a simple structure in the family unit – men provided for the family, and the women looked after the offspring. With the way the world has developed, for better or worse, the man no longer needs to be the provider and has lost his sense of purpose in the family. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the number of divorces continues to rise compared to any other time in history.


Feminine Role Models

The role models that men have are now highly feminised. It is well known that if we have not transcended lower levels of consciousness, then we repeat what we see with no awareness of why we act as we do. Here is a video of Jerry Kroth, a university lecturer explaining how Humans mimic their primary form of learned behaviour. He also explains that humans have “mirrored neuro firing”, which means our brain already mimics the activities it views through the eyes.

What appears on our TV screens is mimicked by the malleable mind. The television is full of feminised women, to program this as a normality. Hollywood is also full of these types – here is Dave Chappell talking about this exact thing.


Lack of Initiation

Women have periods to usher in adulthood. Men no longer have any initiation rite in the west. If you go to the ancient tribes still existing today, they all have a ritual of initiation for young men. The western world doesn’t have this – perhaps through their repulsion of nature. I’ve considered that because we are so far out of touch with our home, we no longer know what it means to be a Human Being.

We need fathers and similar male role models to provide a space for initiation to bring back the alpha male. That could be living in nature for a week with nothing but a tent, or killing an animal to eat, for example.


No Introspection

The world pushes hedonism and extreme pleasure. This is how we end up with young men addicted to video games, pornography, fast food, films etc.

Of course, this type of lifestyle is pushed onto the masses, but that does not mean that we have to buy it. Alpha males do not buy into this type of egoic lifestyle, but it takes a level of consciousness and ego development to rise above what the world is offering.

How many men sit silently for 10 minutes per day and contemplate on their life?


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  1. J. Randle
    January 26, 2021 / 7:46 am

    Thanks for this perspective Alex. I certainly agree with your thoughts about rites of passage, and the need for role models, In order to be initiated into adulthood positively and responsibly in a hedonistic world.