The End Of Knowledge

the end of knowledge

I’ve spent tens of thousands of pounds on personal development courses, seminars and mentorships. I ranged from general self-help to specific education like entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Crypto/Blockchain, spirituality, emotional intelligence etc.

A word of warning – most of this information does not make you feel better in the long term. It can trap you in a dopamine cycle which turns into an addiction. It’s softer than other habits but still unhealthy.

I continue learning in this way, although rarely and much more selective. In terms of worldly value, this education is far more effective than the standard education system. In that sense, seeking knowledge is what interests you is of great importance.

Just don’t expect any knowledge to give you freedom. Liberation comes from freeing yourself from yourself – from the bondage of the mental slavery that has been imposed on you since birth. The continual seeking of knowledge won’t satisfy this; it can make it worse.

Freedom comes from internal development – everything is within. A deep devotion to your highest ideals is the only way to set yourself free from your own lower mind; the mind that niggles, and never feels like its enough. The mind that can never be satisfied regardless of what you do think or act upon.

The End Of Knowledge

This is the purpose of seeking knowledge. Once you’ve had enough of the seeking, you’ll reach surrender, which takes you to a different level of consciousness.