Why Science Is Unscientific

science is unscientific

Why Science Is Unscientific

It may sound a little controversial, but it is pretty simple to prove. Science is unscientific 99% of the time – that includes the quantum sciences too. Let’s define the scientific approach as being an attitude of observing without falling prey to bias and assumptions (as much as possible).


Science Is Based On Assumptions

99% of science is based on a material, independent world. A material world has never been proven to exist, and never can be.

Putting an atom under a microscope to find that 99.9% of it is space, and then basing science on the 0.01% is so incredibly ignorant, yet that is what science does.

A lot of science is an assumption. By definition, an assumption is unscientific. Whether they will admit it or not is a different story.


Quantum Sciences

Thankfully, science has moved ‘Quantum’ over the last century, but this still doesn’t get around most science issues.
They are still looking ‘out there’ to realise the Nature of all things. We may get closer to understanding reality, but we still can’t get there until we turn inwards, rather than outwards.

The double-slit experiment is an elementary example of the observer effect, showing that only when a ‘subject’ is aware of ‘something’ does it manifest (it is consciousness becoming conscious of consciousness)

Remember, we cannot know anything outside our awareness of it. So awareness/consciousness itself needs to be studied to find ‘The Secrets Of The Kosmos’.



Have you ever found a world apart from what you’re aware of? Of course not – nobody ever has and nobody ever will. Neither have the top scientists throughout all of mankind.

When a ‘discovery’ is made, it is only because of the limitations of human knowledge that it wasn’t known previously. It was always there, it has just been revealed, and we are now ‘aware’ of it.

Nikola Tesla often said that his inventions were revealed to him. This is a similar story for many geniuses over time. So the questions arise – are we shutting out these revelations of science by actively looking for them? Or should we get out of the way and let them come through us (which is the grounding for Creativity)?

All we can ever really do is experience. Or to go deeper, be aware of the experience.


Why Science Cannot Understand Reality

Consciousness is the essence of all things. We are consciousness, and that which we are aware of is consciousness. Science, therefore, is consciousness trying to figure itself out. Or to put it another way – God playing hide and seek with Himself.
God is consciousness, the field where all experience arises from and returns to.

What we consider to be science is operating within that consciousness. And therefore science can’t realise the Truth of Reality. In the same way as a single tree can’t comprehend the Amazon Rainforest.

A single point of attention within the infinite field of consciousness, cannot grasp the Nature of Reality until that single point transcends itself and merges back to the Absolute.


Purposeful Science

All science is based on a perception of consciousness. And therefore, the study of perception should be the fundamental search of science. What is it that is aware of experience?

In essence, what is the relationship between the experiencer and the experience itself? Where does experience manifest from and return to, once we are not aware of it any longer – or does it not exist at that point? Is non-existence a possibility (you cannot be aware of ‘not-existing’ and therefore cannot be a reality)?


I think I’ll do a full article on this in the future.