The Problem With ‘Mental Health’

mental health

Mental Health

The ‘mental health’ boom is in full swing. The tyrannical ‘lock-downs’ aren’t going to improve that situation either. But how are we defining mental health, and at what point do we change our approach to dealing with it?


An Insane Society

Would we have a mental health crisis if our living was aligned with nature? If we were physically healthy? And if we held liberation as our primary value?

No, we wouldn’t.

So where are the problems here? Apparently, in the UK, 12% of adults receive mental health treatment, 10.4% receive medication, and 3% are in therapy. A symptom of a profoundly sick society.

We have countless names and labels for so many different mental health issues. At what point do these labels stop becoming relevant? Like law, if we have thousands of them, we don’t know what is legal anymore – they become irrelevant. We are at that point with the so-called ‘mental health crisis’.

Our insane society creates further insanity. Like Einstein said ‘you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it’. If society is insane, how we fix the problem that it has created?


Psychologically Infantile

We no longer have an initiation into adulthood. It has led to a majority of human beings walking around as children in adult bodies. Real adulthood consists of the ego’s continual maturity, to the point of ego transcendence, incorporating surrender as the tool for enlightenment.

Unfortunately, we have generation upon generations of adult children without this initiation rite—the spiritually ignorant leading their children down the same path. The Soul can only take this for so long before it rejects the inauthentic life and will cause what we know as a ‘mental health problem’. The reality is that it is a spiritual problem, running far deeper than an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.


A Despise For Introspection

It’s essential to recognise the individual’s responsibility for contemplation. We don’t get taught this through our schooling years because of the nature and consciousness of the education system – it was created to sustain productivity and continual expansion.

Without introspection, one gets trapped in this cycle from the day they are born until they die. A system created to fulfil the ego’s desires leads to continual hedonism and pleasure in all its forms.

Inevitably, this lack of introspection encourages intense suffering as the Soul craves to become whole once again. We often consider this ‘mental health’, perhaps first we should consider it ‘a wake up call from the Soul’.