The Limitations of Human Knowledge

Limitations of Human Knowledge

Limitations of Human Knowledge

Are there limitations to human knowledge? How much can we know?

Every generation thinks they know more than every previous generation. And yet we never really find the answers to life’s biggest questions do we? Where did we come from? How is reality structured? Can we live forever? 

Take the visual spectrum, for example. We know that the human eye can only see a tiny percentage of electromagnetic radiation waves which we call ‘light’ and ‘colour’. But there are countless wavelengths and therefore colours which the human eye cannot compute. Taking this as an example, what else don’t we know about? And how does our lack of recognition for human naivety hold us back? 


The Paradox

The paradox is that the more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know. And therefore, as we continue to learn about the Universe in all it’s magnificence, the more there will be to understand. 

So when we have ‘experts’ telling us the way things are and how we should live our lives, it may be wise to keep this truth in mind – what we know about reality is minuscule, and no level of education can change that. 

We cannot know the whole as a small part, in the same way as a single tree cannot understand the vastness of the Amazon Rainforest. 


Living As Nature

Nature is intelligence with absolute precision. She is in a continual state of balance which maintains harmony. 

I have found that when we align ourselves with this intelligence, then her ‘thinking’ becomes our thinking. ‘Knowingness’ is organic, and wisdom gets revealed to you without effort. 

I understand it may seem farfetched to someone who hasn’t had such an experience, but it’s true nonetheless.


In closing, I think it’s critical to accept that human beings will never be able to grasp the splendour of Actuality and be prepared to surrender the need to know everything. Looking at the world, I think it’s abundantly clear that our constant need to figure stuff out is causing as many problems as it is trying to fix.