The Upside Down World

upside down world

Upside Down World

Have you noticed that we seem to be living in an inverted reality? An upside down world?

Right is wrong and wrong is right? Incoherence is normal.


The Education System

Teaches young people what to think rather than how to think. The modern system was created nearly 200 years ago to churn out workers for industry. That time has been and passed, but the system remains the same.

Education plays a fundamental role in the development of a human being. It is time for an overhaul.


The Medical/Healthcare System

The medical system does not study health – it studies illness. Its results speak for themselves – one of the biggest killers in the western world goes down to ‘medical error‘. This is just saying that they messed up, and there is little recourse too compared to the consequences of negligence.

When was the last time you have been to the doctors, and they recommended 2 hours of naked sunlight, only eating organic foods and exercising for at least 45 minutes per day? How many recommend fasting for a short time so the body can come back into homeostasis? Very rare.

And if a ‘medical professional’ does offer this advice, they’d probably be struck off. There is no money in working alongside nature, only in using drugs.

This will only change when profit isn’t the primary value of the organisations that control modern-day healthcare.


The Financial System

The financial system is flawed. They don’t let it correct itself, which is the basis of real capitalism – the system that has brought prosperity to billions across the planet.

To continue creating more ‘money’ (debt and credit) and pumping that into an economy to keep it afloat will only delay the implosion for so long.

Soon, the financial system will collapse on itself. I think it will morph into a more developed and organic decentralised system, but that will depend on the consciousness of the people who make decisions.



Mainstream religion keeps people away from God. Priests etc., putting themselves as middlemen between the individual and God gives incredible power. Without highly conscious human beings and organisations in those positions, it can be disastrous for people’s spiritual well-being.

This is what we have right now. Catholicism, for example, is the antithesis of Jesus’ teachings.

I also think religion is critical, and I can see a change in the way things are being done in the UK. So I am more optimistic about this one.