Why and How To Silence The Mind

Silence The Mind

Silencing The Mind

It isn’t a new idea that becoming still and quieting the mind is a holy practice. This is where we get meditation and Prayer. Practices that have been around for thousands of years and preached by the more spiritually inclined forever.

“Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.” — Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet)

When I consciously began quietening my mind, it became apparent the level of incoherence in my psyche. Of course, this also played out in my life. The more your mind controls your life, the more problematic your life will be.

Without any dogma and labels, I just sat there and listened to what was going in my head without the need to judge what was arising. Over a number of months, this became a more subconscious process, and I found myself realising a distinct differentiation between the thoughts that were playing out on the screen of my mind and the quietness from where it comes from.


Why Silence The Mind?


‘I just want to be happy’ is a commonly heard phrase. It should actually be ‘I just want to be at peace’. The reality is that you can be at complete peace right here and right now, whether you are happy or not.

The mind can never bring a sense of peace to your life. It is the ego-mind that gets happy and sad with all of the other emotions that run riot. In a transcendent state, often frowned upon in the psychology community, happiness is seen as fleeting as the seasons’ of the year. Once you reach a level of inner peace, you become unshakeable. Death, divorce, illness etc. may arise, but the peace remains.

Peacefulness comes through the modality of silent awareness.

“Be still, and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10



We often think that our mind create things. Granted, there are great thinkers in the world that we rely upon for their genius, which enable us to move forward as a species. But where does that genius come from? Is it wired into their DNA, or is it achieved through hard work (nature vs nurture)? Mozart was composing music at the age of 5, seemingly not enough time to nurture genius.

So where does creativity originate? I’d suggest it resides in the silence behind ego consciousness.

If Nikola Tesla had something he needed to work out, he would note the problem in a notebook before he went to sleep. Often, he would wake up, and the answer would have come by the morning. Was this because his thinking mind had been silenced while asleep? It makes you wonder.

In my day to day life, I have become aware of creative patterns throughout the day – times when I am more creative than others. Notice this in yourself.

If you need to get into a creative zone, try being still for 10 minutes – allow the thoughts to rise and fall in the mind. Then get on with the task at hand.


God’s Will

“Get thee behind me Satan” – Mark 8:33

The ego mind and all it’s negative traits is the Satan of the Bible. That which is adverse to Goodness and Life. The world is in a state of decay at the moment because the collective consciousness of Humanity is rooted in ego consciousness.

The fairly new term ‘flow state’ is the removal of ego for a period of time, giving a feeling of effortlessness. This is achievable at all times (easy for me to say sitting here, trying to improve on so many areas of my life haha). This could be seen as doing God’s Will – when there is no ego consciousness clouding the natural flow of Life.

Aligning one’s Soul with the Divine is achieved through overcoming ego consciousness and it’s manifestations. Then God’s Will shall be done as He/She works through you, as He does with Nature, to Create Goodness in the world.


How To Silence The Mind


Do not got lost in dogma. Meditation is a very simple process which like anything, get’s overcomplicated by the mind. It is merely the bringing in of awareness to itself. Concentrating on an object or focussing on one thing in the mind is not meditation. They are both tools for training the mind, but they are not meditating.

The purpose of meditation is stillness, which consequentially has beautiful experiences and feelings attached to it. Things that cannot be experienced other than very fleetingly through substances.

Watch this video of Dr David Hawkins explaining beautifully why people struggle to silence the mind.


Take The First Step

Give yourself a small amount of time every day to quieten down. If you haven’t done it before, then you might feel uncomfortable because the ego has never experienced anything like it. Ego consciousness doesn’t like too much change, and the last thing it wants is to be less active in your life.

The ego is a defence mechanism, so it is only doing its job. But I can make a promise – if you stick with it for three months, the change in your life will be extraordinary even if it is for only 10 minutes every day.
We call the process meditation but don’t get lost in the details and dogma surrounding it. Just sit there and become aware of the mind. Shine your awareness onto it and see the mind running around like a little rat, searching for something to cling onto. All worries, concerns and frustrations stem from here.

If you struggle to quiet the mind down, consider using the binaural beats available for free through my site. They encourage the brain to enter specific brain wave frequencies. You can find them here.