The Fear Of Being Your Best

fear of being your best


All fear has its route in death or at least the perception of death. If you continue to ask yourself ‘and then what’ after considering the worst possible scenario that you’re fearful of, you will find that the fundamental fear is ‘not existing’. We call this ‘death’. Although this is very inaccurate and the cause of much suffering in the world.

The reality is that death, as society perceives it, is illusory. Once you realise ‘I AM’, which is to say ‘I Exist’, there can be no other Actuality. Of course, in our materialist paradigm, this doesn’t sit too well because it cannot be proven with instruments made by Humans 🤦‍♂️. Death on this physical plane is a transition and shedding of the meat suit and has been known as such for tens of thousands of years.

If you took a look at my post yesterday, you’d see I wrote about the Lindy Effect. The principle that certain things age in reverse – what has been around for a long time can be predicted to be around for at least the same period. The knowing as death as an illusion has been about far longer than the materialist idea that we die and that’s it. And we call it progression! 🤷‍♂️


2 Fears of Judgement

Fear of Inadequacy

The fear of standing out for not being enough (in whatever context) in the eyes of others. (Less common than you realise).


Fear of Brilliance

The fear of standing out because of your brilliance. The fear of being your best. (More common than you realise).


The fear of being inadequate or the fear of brilliance have their routes in the same fundamental problem – the fear of death. But now we know death is illusion, so what exactly are we being fearful of?


The Crowd

The collective consciousness of a group has a ‘top point’ and a ‘low point’. If you rise above the top boundary, the crowd will try and bring you back into their ‘averageness’. Although the crowd is less concerned about someone being inadequate, the group will judge you as being pretty useless to them if you were to go below the lower boundary.


straight line


So what are we fearful of? Abandonment from the crowd.

And why would we be fearful of abandonment from the crowd? Because unconsciously, we couldn’t lean into and hide behind the crowd for comfort. We look at the crowd as a surrogate mother who can nurture us and hold us if something goes wrong. This doesn’t only hold you back, it can destroy your sanity.


The Reality

The reality is that in our modern era, the collectives consciousness has never been so ‘average’ when compared to its potential. It is spiritually bankrupt, being on the verge of self-destruction. Throughout history, people who dared to think differently, express themselves and align themselves with Truth have been radically attacked. Nothing has changed. Fortunately, we live in a society that does not have the gallows or hanging as a punishment for self-expression, and so this fear can be put to bed.

If you are reading this and it makes sense, it’s probably because you are ready to step outside of the herd and claim back your Inner Gold from the crowd. The frustration you feel is because you know that there is magic deep within that you’d love to bring into the world.

Abandonment by the average crowd is now a positive thing, and the fear can be dropped. Your fearlessness will bring a new tribe, one of higher consciousness to align with your purer self.