USA – The Manifestation Of The Unconscious

manifestation of the unconscious

USA – The Manifestation Of The Unconscious

I’m writing this while the USA is seemingly going into meltdown. I’m going to explain why I think it is a manifestation of the unconscious in less than 350 words.

I find it somehow amusing how Human Beings cannot recognise the non-violence principle is key to a moral life. You do not need a libertarian belief system and be a ‘freedom fighter to know that.


The Unconscious

Suppose you look into your mind now. Go deep within and feel the stirring of emotions that reside as you touch on sensitive topics in your psyche. If you sit in that space long enough, you’ll bring up the anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, apathy, shame etc. that has been hidden there for longer than you’d like to recognise.

Now look at the state of the world, particularly the US. Look at the release of these emotions by ‘protesters’. What is going on right now is an external manifestation of the collective unconscious, playing itself out on the world stage.



Look at the divide and the friction between people. Is that a divide and friction in peoples own psyche? Is not the world an exterior version of the collective consciousness of humanity? I think it is. And that is why we need to start owning our shit, and quickly.

I think it may be the end, or at least a significant shift in a new direction, as happens with Human Beings when they go through a life crisis. Buckle up your seatbelts because I think it is going to get rocky.

What can we learn from all of this? What can we stare at squarely in the face and own as our shit? Only by doing this type of work, only by looking into our filth can we start to clear the pond.

Never forget that peace resides within, and once we get enough people recognising that, the world will begin to shift in that direction.