Groundhog Day

groundhog day

Groundhog Day

What if we live the same life, over and over again? Going further each lifetime until we purify entirely our being and ‘transcend’ this realm of existence? Like the film Groundhog Day… maybe they were onto something. 


This is all hypothesis; I do not claim it is true!

Suppose we have a ‘power’ within, let’s call that the ‘higher self’. That higher self does not die and continues after what we know as ‘death’. A relatively ancient idea which I agree with. 

Many stories of people have come back after being pronounced physically dead, who talk about ‘life flashing in front of their eyes’, it’s a fairly universal phenomenon. What is this? 

It is known that time is relative, and not a constant. When you are fearful, for example, time seems to slow down. When you are in ‘flow state’, time goes quickly. What if, at the moment of death, time slows down and ‘life flashes in front of our eyes’? During the ‘life flashing in front of our eyes’, we live life again. Only this time the human is slightly more evolved having lived the Human experience again, the higher self can nudge you in different directions to purify yourself of ‘worldly ties’. 

You will have had some of those moments when you know something is wrong. Or meet someone and feel that you’ve met them before and have a deep sense of connection with them. What if these experiences are your higher self bringing in an awareness of prior existences which resonate in the body. The body and mind being one and the same. 

As we live many lifetimes with its variances and purifications, do we get to a point where the mind merges with the higher self to transcend this earthly realm? I would suggest that when we resonate at a very high level of consciousness bathed in the real meaning of the word Love. 

I thought about this after speaking to Anthony Peake for my podcast earlier today. His work is astounding. Check out his site here. 

I’ll be posting the Podcast and Youtube video tomorrow all being well. 

Food for thought.