Renouncing Positionality

renouncing positionality

Positionality – the notion that personal values, views, and location in time and space influence how one understands the world.

Peace and joy are relatively rare things in the world. People are chasing the rushes that the world gives them through seeming success and gain. I’ve been there through much of my twenties – building businesses, acquiring Real Estate, putting people on pedestals, and aspiring to their levels of success.

Then moments of happiness while doing ‘worldly’ activities is fleeting. You may gain an element of success, but that soon fades as the next problem throws up a barrier. The internal state of peace is not reliant on external circumstances. There are steps you can take to get there.

If people want to attain higher consciousness levels, they’ll need to begin by renouncing positionality.


Limiting Dualities

An opinion is a position that the ego takes a vain position about. The necessity to be correct has brought about mass destruction on Earth for thousands of years. Not only this, it halts human spiritual progress.

Right and wrong, good and evil…

These are things that the human naturally filters things into at certain levels of consciousness. The reality is that everything is as it is, and it is the ego that is trying to pinhole the situation to fit its narrative. The inner vindictive judge is putting things into categories for self-satisfaction.

We need to get off the right and wrong bandwagon. Things are as they are without your input onto them. It’s the selfish core of the ego that projects these things to affirm its position.


Renouncing Positionality

It’s narcissistic to dig your heels into a position because of the need to be right. The ego gets energy from external sources as it’s the sole energy source. Needing to be correct and it’s illusory ‘wins’ feeds into its position and keeps the myth alive.

Who would you be if you renounced positionality? Who would you be if you didn’t have opinions about everything? Could you imagine your level of peace if you could surrender the egos need to judge everything and categorise it?

Give yourself a break and sit for 10 minutes without trying to judge something.