3 Ways To Retain Your Sovereignty In A Restricted World

retain your sovereignty

Here I share three ways to retain your sovereignty in a world that is going through considerable change.

Many people are concerned about the current limitations of freedoms and liberties. Sovereignty is a state of being and attitudinal. I try and reflect this in the podcast.


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Hello, this is Alex for project sovereign. In this podcast I’m going to share three ways you can retain your sovereignty in a world of misinformation and low level crowd consciousness. So let’s get right into it.

Number one, become an open minded sceptic. Now there’s a fine line here between scepticism and cynicism. scepticism is an open mindedness. Whereas cynicism is usually closed minded, and you’re not open to any other version of reality other than the one that you already know, and the one that you’re already invested in. So scepticism is an open mindedness that can absorb more information, to be able to discern between right or wrong, good or bad. You know, and that enables people to change their opinions. You’ll notice that the wisest people that you know or white people in the world are sceptical. So it is definitely isn’t a negative thing. It allows people to pick up information that moves them towards something that they are willing themselves or if they’re looking for the truth. A healthy degree of scepticism allows people to move towards that. Yeah, if you’re not sceptical, then you end up as a sponge to like misinformation. You’ll just absorb anything that comes in. And this is one of the problems that we have in the world. If you look over the last 12 months, there’s a lot of people not sceptical of the information that is coming through their television sets. If you have been questioning that, that is a sign of good health, both physically and mentally, and spiritually. scepticism of what’s going on in the world at the moment is a healthy thing. If you don’t be sceptical, if you’re not sceptical of what’s going on right now, then you are at the mercy of crowd consciousness, you are at the mercy of misinformation. So number one, become an open minded sceptic.

Number two, understand crowd psychology and crowd behaviour. The crowd is an idea you, you can’t ask what the crowd believes in. Okay, because it’s an idea, right? It’s a load of individuals collectively. So a large group doesn’t have the answers that an individual would have. So I can ask a person for example, you know, what do you believe in and that person can tell me, but if I asked a group, that group would be incongruent with each answer, because a group of people cannot give and talk for each other. And this is why crowd behaviour is very dangerous to the mind that is trying to enlighten itself. Because the mind that is trying to step away from the crowd, if it hasn’t got, as we mentioned before, a good level of discernment and scepticism, it can get lost in the noise, he can’t hear the signal, all it can hear is the noise. So this is why the crowd is the individuals enemy. People can also hide in a collective group. You’ll notice behaviour from people is very different when they’re on the road to when they’re hiding behind a screen on a forum or on social media, for example, or even if you’re in a protest or something, the way an individual would act in that circumstance is very different to if you were just sitting over the table having a coffee with them. And that’s because the hide behind the group. And generally speaking, the consciousness of a group is very average too low, and people fall to that average level. So if the very intelligent people, and they unfortunately get lost in a group, This often happens with cults that then fall to the level of the the average in that cult. I suggest reading. It’s called the crowood a study of the popular mind by Gustav Le Bon. Adolf Hitler used that book as a model to to do what he will to be doing and look at the catastrophe there. But it’s very good. That was a very good book by Gustave le bon to understand how the crowd thinks and how it can be manipulated because then you can put a guard up to that. Also, check out my articles on crowd consciousness on my website, I do go in a bit more detail into

Number three, realise that you are giving meaning to everything. external reality, doesn’t have any meaning other than what you’ll put it on to it. So there is no inherent meaning to events in the world, your bias perceptions determine how you are interpreting those events.This is where your freewill comes in. Up Choose how you are going to interpret something. With more information and knowledge from different sources, your perception changes. And one important point is, the more still you can become. I’m talking about the mind here, the more control over your mind you have. You can have more control over the meaning you are given things. So if you perceive something, if you can have a moment of stillness between there to really contemplate before you take action, you’ll be far above the crowd. Because people don’t do that. What they do generally speaking, is they perceive reality and then take action immediately. It’s an advanced state that can remain calm and peaceful in times of uncertainty. So this level of silence between perception of an event and the meaning that you decide to give to it determines the quality of your existence as a whole. Okay, so you give meaning to everything. external reality is essentially meaningless, until you put the meaning onto it. If you grasp that information, it is truly liberating. And the real meaning behind the phrase, you set your own reality, you create your own reality. That is the fundamental principle of it, you give meaning to everything.

Okay, so that’s it, number one, become an open minded sceptic. Number two, understand the crowd consciousness and behaviour. Number three, realise that you give meaning to everything. Okay, so check out my website, alexhickman.co.uk, check out my YouTube channel, Alex Hickman, you’ll find me on there. That’s it for this podcast. See you on the next one.