Holistic Thinking

Holistic Thinking


Holistic = Whole = ‘non-dual’ (not-two, only one)

Holistic thinking means to integrate ‘oneness’ into your everyday existence. The buzzwords’ oneness’ and ‘non-duality’ are theoretical for most people and only grasped intellectually rather than empirically experienced. As a heuristic, it takes decades of deep inner work and meditation practice to experience non-duality personally.

Of course, now we have access to the technology of psychedelics and trusting they are done in the right environment, and with the utmost respect, you can experience ‘oneness’ in minutes. This comes with enormous responsibility – experiencing that level of consciousness can mangle an undeveloped ego and ruin a life. There are horror stories of people killing themselves or ending up in mental institutions for the rest of their lives – the ego could not handle the consciousness.

Having an awareness of non-duality and a deeper understanding of reality’s metaphysics allows us to manifest and understand the world with holistic thinking.



We need to know what’a ‘ho’on’ is. The wo”d “ho”n’”comes from the Gre”k “”o”os”” (Hol = Whole / On = Part)

Holon describes the dualities of entities which are individual entities while at the same time being part of a comprehensive whole. As an example, we can consider human beings as individuals, but they also are part of groups that establish societies. Societies are parts of nations. Nations are parts of continents… and so on.


Holistic Thinking

Thinking holistically requires knowledge (whether conscious or not) of the Holon; how one system affects all of the other systems within the universal system of being (oneness) – at a deeper level, the mind of God with its infinite numbers of layers.

Let’s take walking through the forest, for example – if you have no awareness of the eco-system, you wouldn’t care where you were walking. If you understand the eco-system, you’d be very careful where you are stepping as to not tread on the bugs that play a pivotal role in keeping that forest healthy.

Now consider the mass destruction of nature. What is that doing to the systems reliant upon Gaia – our home.

Most people do not think with this level of consciousness. They are not open-mindedness enough to consider anything outside of their scope of reality. Essentially because of their close-mindedness, they cannot see the big picture of reality.


Suggestive Resources

The Ghost In The Machine – Arthur Koestler

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