Breaking Down The UK Budget 2021 – The Financial System On Its Knees

financial system on its knees

Breaking Down The UK Budget 2021 – The Financial System On Its Knees

Why are people licking Rishi Sunak’s boots?

I explore why everything that the was said in yesterdays budget is nonsense when you look at it with a holistic lens.


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Hi, guys, Alex here for project suffering, I thought I’d do a quick podcast on the budget yesterday in the UK, for anyone who’s not in the UK, the US or anywhere else in the world who listens to this podcast. Once a year in the UK, we have a yearly budget. And that’s done by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is now Rishi Sunak. And yesterday was the date where, you know, he told the country what the plans were for the government to balance the books.

And you know, what we have to do is people in order to help the government and all this nonsense up to come up with, what we need to realise is that this is all a stage, this is all a show that there’s no actual reality or basis to all this. I’m not saying they won’t do what they say they’re going to do. But fundamentally, what they’re doing is an absolute load of nonsense.

And I can explain why. If you can imagine going to a bank taking get a credit card 0% interest or more or less 0% interest, and being able to borrow as much as you want to spend on whatever you want, and never have to pay that back.

Who would say no to that. And this is what’s happening at the moment with the governments, particularly in the Western world, the US government have just pumped into the 1.9 trillion. The UK Government is just putting another 400 since March last year is around 400 billion.

Now, I think I think the eurozone is over a trillion euros. These are being put into the economy to keep this dead. financial system that we’re working with now afloat, interest rates are incredibly low, they can’t go anywhere because it will bankrupt everybody. So this credit card analogy is what is actually happening with the governments in the Western world right now.

And the only reason that they can do this is because we’re operating in this Fiat system where money isn’t tied to anything of real value, such as gold and silver. And I mean, even if, in the grand scheme of things, even that doesn’t have intrinsic value really just just to the human being, because we’ve used it for 1000s of years to trade. But money. Now paper money fiat money, not backed by anything like gold and silver, is causing this destruction.

Never before has any fiat currency ever stood the test of time, time being the the ultimate test. And it’s never stood the test of time. And this is the way it always ends up going. The printing print and print, they end up whether it’s it goes into a state of deflation and then hyperinflation.

But either way ends up with hyperinflation in the long term. And this I’m very confident this is going to happen here in the Western world. One thing that I find absolutely astounding is like people cannot see that. You know what, when Rishi in the UK turns around and says things like, never before is the government, you know, borrowed this much money to help people.

What we don’t actually want people are missing the point that the whole reason that they’ve needed to do that is because they’ve stopped people from living properly. they’ve stopped the livelihood. So the giving people all this stuff, all this free, labelled free money, because they’ll have to be paid back or will have to be wiped off or inflated away in the long term. The pain will be there in some sense, the doing all this, but people are like clapping along with it. That they had no choice. They did have a choice.

None of this would be needed if people stayed open. Long term, the younger generations are going to be hit the hardest. These are the ones that are going to be in a world of pain. The millennial age is in the the generations before that, unless they’re smart enough to see what’s really going on.

Going around licking the boots because they think that they’re helping them these people aren’t helping them. I found out yesterday evening that Rishi sunak is married to the daughter of the sixth richest man in India. He doesn’t need you know, handouts, he doesn’t need 500 quid, Universal Credit payment.

That the so out of touch with reality. It’s unbelievable. And it’s all obviously because of This situation with COVID, and whatever, whatever your opinions are on that, not being able to open your businesses not being able to go to work and earn an income. And using this fake printed, or even printed in reality, this fake currency that’s been pumped into an economy to keep it afloat, people think it’s in very good thing.

It’s a very, very bad thing, because people are so short term thinking they don’t think in the long term everything. So we must be comfortable. Now we must be satisfied now. What we need to get to grips with is that if you think in the long term, if you think generationally, the steps that you put in place today will assist those people, it’s very selfish, to try and keep everything afloat today and pass the problem on to the future.

What’s going to happen now, with all this fiat currency being pumped into an economy is that in the long term, inflation is going to is going to wipe out the value of that the currency, it’s going to one pound today, or $1. Today isn’t going to be worth $1, in 10 years, or probably worth 80 cents of what it is today, possibly less than that.

So what we have to understand now is that if we allow this to keep going on, if they can just keep pumping in fiat currency, they’re not going to try and get it back for people through tax, I don’t think although the will a little bit, but that won’t even scratch the surface, what they’ll do is they’ll inflate the problem away.

And in the long term that does nothing but destroy economies, destroy people’s livelihoods. You look at the Weimar Republic, before World War Two that was essentially what started that world war two people in Germany had had enough. And it created the space for somebody like Adolphe Hitler, to manipulate people. And to say, I am your you know, your saviour who can get you out of this mess.

The Weimar Republic, there’s a there’s a like a funny story where a girl went, with a suitcase full of cash, someone stole the suitcase and left the cash. And this is why now it’s so important that education, you do your alternative education, so read study stuff online, you’re probably not going to get taught in schools or anything, because well, the teachers don’t know. So you’re probably not going to know through through the mainstream education system. Look at blockchain technology, looking to Bitcoin and all those new asset classes that have been created.

I think that Bitcoin will become, in time, the reserve currency of the world I do Honestly, I think we’ll trade against Bitcoin. Right now it’s the dollar, but I can’t see the dollar lasting, you know, another 20 years as it is today, if they keep doing what they’re doing. I can’t see that happening.

So just look at Bitcoin. look at alternative cryptocurrencies, there’s one called money euro. I’m very bullish on money, euro. Not so much, because I think it’s going to go up in value in comparison to the dollar. But because of what he does, he can’t be traced, no one knows where it’s going. No one knows where it’s come from. And we need things like this, because this is what cash has done for forever. If everything goes digital, everything will be able to be traced and tracked.

So Monero, I suggest people take a look at that. But if you if you want a bit more education onto this, check out a video that I did seven stages of money. I spoke about each individual stage and where we are today. It’s not rosy, it’s not pretty. But the end of it basically said, Look into gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Because we’re going the same way as every other fiat currency has ever gone, and that’s down. And if people keep bowing down to these people in government and saying how well they’re doing for handling the pandemic and all this nonsense.

We’re going to be in a world of trouble economically, for the foreseeable future, and our children and the children’s children are going to be in a right world a mess. We think it can’t happen to us, because, you know, we’re the Western world and we’re the best civilisation to have come out of humanity. Well, that could have been the case. Based on opinion that could have been true. But that isn’t the case any longer not the way that it’s been run at the moment.