Why Forgiveness Is The Ultimate Healing Tool



Forgiveness is a difficult step for the average mind because of the ego’s natural tendency to put things into right and wrong boxes, fair versus unfair. Collapsing this polarity requires an understanding of the nature of consciousness.

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. – Mark Twain

People’s behaviour and world-view are based on the level of consciousness and corresponding attractor fields. Once this is a known experience, we have compassion for peoples actions rather than condemning them. We see that their world-view and value systems are different based on ‘where they are at’ rather than how the world is. 


What Is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a state of unconditional lovingness.

Compassion and humility arise by virtue of understanding the nature of consciousness itself and how easy it is to program the human mind. Consciousness is entirely innocent and can therefore be programmed by society and by other means. To forgive is to know that people’s behaviours and events operate as consciousness, and it’s not personal.

Forgiveness then is a natural state when we are operating in the field of love. ‘Dropping the opposites’, and being aware of the ego’s modus operandi of judgement, allows this lovingness to occur. Forgiveness at this level is a natural state; you don’t need to do anything; it happens on its own.



Many negative emotions get lodged in the Human body, causing illness or chronic pain. It is wise to consider whether the pain you have in the body is a store of these energy fields that you’re holding onto to. If we do not heal past traumas that have fractured the psyche, they will manifest in some way – often in the body.

Forgiveness, whether that be of yourself, others, events or God, can ‘defuse’ this energy and allow you to start working through the trauma to begin the healing process. It could be considered that forgiveness is the wind that blows the clouds (trauma), allowing the Sun to shine forth.


How To Forgive

Watch this video below showing how to forgive.