The Consciousness Ladder : Have, Do, Be



Lower consciousness levels will mean your highest values will be aligned with ‘having’. At an underlying level, this is because you are merely holding onto survival and by having you feel safer. The more you have, the safer you feel. You might see this in people that need 69 mansions, 8 Ferraris and 99million followers on Instagram to be remotely satisfied with who they are. By virtue of its level of consciousness, this can never bring inner peace and the understanding of the Self, which is essentially all we are seeking.  Dr David R Hawkins was a highly evolved human being who wrote many books on the nature of consciousness. I reviewed one of his books here.


Further, towards what is Real and True, you will be more aligned to ‘doing’. What you do in life is valued higher than what you have. This may show up as working all hours to satisfy that awkwardness of not feeling whole. Or acting a sure way to fill that void unconsciously. Many times, high performing entrepreneurs burn out here, it may take a breakdown to step up (or not). I would imagine the level of consciousness of the western world is currently at this stage of development.



Moving towards higher levels of consciousness, your level of ‘being’ is what is valued, as well as seeing the other two levels for what they are. Who you determine what you do. That constant niggling feeling of not being enough begins to fade away and the frustration moulds into inspiration for a more significant cause. You may see people who seem to become masterful in different areas of life effortlessly.

Now the clincher.

All is consciousness, and we are consciousness experiencing consciousness…

You don’t ‘do’ anything in life. Your level of ‘beingness’ determines all ‘doingness’. The potentiality of that level within the field of consciousness itself creates the doingness and therefore ‘havingness’, as a by-product of your service in the world.

Work on yourself towards a higher level of being and watch the doing take care of itself.

A great podcast I listened to about your own realisation was one of my mentors Paul Chek talking to Aubrey Marcus. Check it out.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi