Combining Spirituality and Business

Businessman Walking

There is a bit of a conflict in society with the correlation of spirituality and business. In reality spiritual growth does not rely on business and business does not rely on spiritual growth. A business is an idea and spirituality is not. A person can lead a very spiritual driven life being a solicitor as he/she can running yoga retreats in Bali. You cannot buy spirituality from the local shop and register it on a public register as you do with a business, therefore the issue linking the two is a man made illusion.

We have been conditioned to think that somehow, anybody looking to get closer to their true self should remove themselves from society.  I understand that this is a very worthy path for a many seekers to follow, one that I have personally considered (and still do from time to time) for a few years.




The most effective way I have found to take your message to the world is through enterprise. If you have strong spiritually driven values and wish to share the message with the world through whichever means, there is no method more effective than through entrepreneurship. How else can you work together with other people of a similar vision, with separate organisations and different skill sets in order to materialise a huge vision bigger than you can manage on your own? True magic happens when people come together with a collective vision, powerful energy and inspiration.


An enterprise is the direct correlation of the collective energetic patterns of it’s work force, from its owners through to its employees. In the same way as a rowing teams physical energy determines the outcome of a rowing race. Your enterprise will be a mirror of you and your team, if you want a higher level business, become that level of being. All the strategy and all the tactics in the world cannot change permanent results unless you have become the person/people to make it happen. No marketing strategy can provide the level of success that fearlessness can. Fearlessness is a high level spiritual asset, if you become that group of people, you bring that to the idea. You and the idea become one.


The collective of the business owners and its employees will reflect itself out into the world. If the energetic fields are collectively in apathy then the business will undoubtedly fail, whereas if the collective energy is courageous then the business will stand in integrity and grow. Spiritual principals correlate with higher levels of consciousness. Bringing these principals to a business will attract people and events who resonate at that level and synchronistic events will begin to occur. This isn’t theory, this is law.



How attached a business owner and its employees are to making money will reflect in its business values. Money is merely a by product of service in the market place. If money is placed ahead of contribution in business values, the business will end up as animal would do. Think about it, as soon as an animal stops contributing in nature it is took out of the food chain. If a business does the same thing and values receiving over giving, then they will be taken out of the ‘food chain’ too. Besides, customers can smell the lack of integrity from a mile away contributing to its own down fall.


Service to a greater vision, a service to the greater good will always have a very high chance of succeeding. Just ensure that you don’t expect everything to work out a certain way, as anyone will tell you who has got into their own business. The river is mending continually and nothing is ever in a straight line. Expect the biggest curve in the river just before entering the ocean of abundance.


The Future

Let’s create an evolution of spiritually driven entrepreneurs, something that has been missing from the world of business. There has never been a better time with the level of technology available to anyone at very cheap prices. There really is no excuse to get your message to the masses in the current climate. You don’t have a right, you have an obligation.