You Are Not Your Thoughts

You Are Not Your Thoughts

You Are Not Your Thoughts.

When you were born could you think? Until you learnt a language, could you think as you think today?

Putting this into perspective we could only rationalise with our conscious mind once we had a language to relate the circumstance to it. Which raises a question…how can we be our thoughts when we were alive before we could consciously think?

Your thoughts are a by-product of past conditioning, they are not you and never will be you until you become fully authentic with yourself and your inner world.


Disassociate yourself from your thoughts and observe them as if it was the noise of a passing car in the street. Notice the insanity when you are walking your dog down the street and your thoughts start wondering what the worst-case scenario could be all the time. These are not the authentic version of you, they are thoughts based on past conditioning, but now you can observe them without judgment.

I will guarantee that if you walk down this path and become comfortable with noticing the mind and its chatter, without the attachment of them being who you really are then you will laugh at them. You will literally become lighter in your being (not physically on the scales), which is why people say they feel lighter after working with energy healers.

You can literally choose how and what to think. As thoughts are just a form of energy, by shifting this form of energy the attractor patterns you will receive back shift. Hence the saying ‘what you think you become’. By becoming more aware of your thoughts, how you perceive events in your outer world will shift. This is not ‘hippy stuff’, this is science, proven for decades by the leading scientists across the planet.

Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza Here. 

I would invite you to question your thoughts as they arise, look where they have really come from and begin to choose how to feel rather than being at your thoughts mercy.