Dawn Garland | Integrating Psychotherapy And Non-Duality

dawn garland

Dawn Garland is a transpersonal integrative psychotherapist and non-duality teacher. In 2012 she had an awakening after many years of severe depression.

She then had a number of years ‘blissed out’ before an energetic movement, often called Kundalini, led her to study various therapeutic modalities.

Dawn now holds talks on non-duality whilst assisting others to integrate their awakening experiences.


We spoke about topics such as:

– The initial awakening

– Integrating an awakening into daily life

– Non-locality

– The value of psychology once there has been an experience of non-duality

– Trauma

– Kundalini experiences

– The link between mind and body

– Free will

– Eckhart Tolle haha!


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