Richard Sylvester | Non-Duality, Emptiness, And The Outpouring of Unconditional Love

richard sylvester

Richard Sylvester is an author, humanistic psychologist and non-duality teacher.

For 30 years, Richard was a dedicated seeker, engaging in a wide array of well-known spiritual and psychological practices. In 2002, Richard had an experience of ‘no-self’ and “That was the end of what I thought had been my life”.


We spoke about many interesting topics:

– The Relative and the Absolute

– Cause and Effect – Suffering

– The Practical use of Psychotherapy

– The Meaning of Unconditional Love

– Free Will

– The Idea of God

– Meaning and Purpose

– Spontaneous ‘Outpouring’


Richard writes – “This is a recurring message. It overthrows all authority. It can’t be killed off. It requires nothing. It requires no churches, no philosophical tracts, no scriptures, no history. If everything that had ever been said or written about non-duality were to disappear in a moment, it would simply re-emerge. It would re-emerge because nothing has to be learnt, nothing has to be studied, nothing has to be done, no spiritual purification and no pleasing of God has to take place, for the seeing of liberation to occur. It arises spontaneously. One moment there’s somebody there, the next moment there isn’t. One moment there’s somebody crossing a field, the next moment there’s just crossing a field.”


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