Brigid (also spelt Brigit or Brighid) is a goddess from Irish mythology who was associated with poetry, healing, smithcraft, and childbirth. She was one of the most important goddesses in the ancient Celtic pantheon, and her worship continued into Christian times.

According to legend, Brigid was the daughter of the god Dagda and a mortal woman named Boann. She was born at the exact moment of daybreak and was said to have a flame-like aura around her head. She was raised by a druidess named Boí, who taught her the arts of poetry, healing, and divination.

As a goddess, Brigid was known for her generosity and kindness, and she was especially revered by the Irish people for her healing powers. Her symbol was a sacred flame, which her followers kept burning in her honour. She was also associated with the festival of Imbolc, which marked the beginning of spring and the sun’s return.

One of the most famous legends about Brigid tells how she became a Christian saint. According to this story, Brigid met Saint Patrick. She was so impressed by his teachings that she decided to convert to Christianity. However, she did not abandon her old ways completely, and many of her old traditions and practices were incorporated into Christian worship in Ireland.

Overall, Brigid was a beloved goddess, and later a saint in Irish mythology and folklore, and her legacy continues to be celebrated in modern times.


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