Why You Don’t Need To Defend The Truth

Defend The Truth

Many people get caught up and stressed out by feeling like they need to ‘defend the truth’ – although honourable in a sense, it has its consequences. One subtle shift in context changes all that and makes it a privilege to do the greater work.

‘Three things cannot be hidden for long – the sun, the moon, and the truth’ – Buddha


The Seekers Path

A person has a shift in awareness. They realise the world isn’t what was sold to them, and they start seeking answers – I understand it, I’ve been there. You struggle to communicate with family members and friends because ‘they don’t get it’. They’re still stuck in ‘the matrix’ while you’ve taken the ‘red pill’.

Over a few months and years, it gets exhausting. You’re continually seeking knowledge, and alternative information to what mainstream society tells you is reality. You realise that no matter what you say and what ‘evidence’ you get, they won’t ‘wake up’.

Your close-knit friends’ circle have started to distance themselves, and your family think you’re losing your mind (you are in one sense). The news repulses you; your bullshit detector is through the roof. You tell everyone how brainwashed they are, and if they could only see the truth, they would know.

Then you get to the point where it just gets too tiresome. You relax a bit and enjoy life with its intrinsic beauty – surrendering the need to defend the truth persistently. 

You no longer even talk about ‘it’ with anyone who doesn’t want to hear and try and surround yourself with like-minded people.

There are more layers that don’t need to be indulged in here. This is a typical cycle and fairly predictable as awareness expands.


The Truth – Metaphysical Overview

The truth has its own energy; in fact, it is energy – it is Life. Everything that isn’t truth is anti-life and illusory, which needs defending to maintain its seeming (false) reality.

You see, the only thing that needs protecting is deceit and falsehood because it doesn’t have its own field of energy. Falsehood steals power from external sources, often using people as its means.

Truth, on the other hand, defends itself. With time, the ultimate weapon and healer, the truth stands there in all of its glory. As soon as the energy needed to defend the lie has waned, all that remains is the cold, hard truth – it never needed defending in the first place.


Don’t Defend The Truth – A Shift In Context

So let the truth do its thing – it never needs defending. It can defend itself far better than we ever could – it is wiser to get out of its way.

What is more impactful and far more productive? Serving the truth.

Hold truth as your highest value and live your life as a devotion to that. How you do that will be your dharma – your path. The isn’t only having skin in the game; this is having your soul in the game.



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  1. Jayne
    March 10, 2021 / 6:10 pm

    Thanks Alex. Have trodden this path you describe, and recognise all too well the stages. Am relieved to say, after much soul searching, am now in awareness, wishing family and friends love and success on their journeys.