What Is Causing The Destruction Of Nature?

destruction of nature


The destruction of nature is a physical manifestation of much deeper rooted issues. ‘Carbon Tax’ or any other so called ‘legislation’ won’t change a damn thing because the problem is rooted in the psyche. It is useless to look at the effect of this neurosis rather than the psychological issue itself.

(This isn’t about ‘climate change’; that is a different conversation. Elite types use this external destruction to shame and fear people into control)


Hatred Of Self

Eric Neumann thought that our fear of nature is a manifestation of the fear of our psyche. I completely agree and would perhaps take it a step further to say that it is our hatred of self that is leading to the destruction of nature.

It is common knowledge that we take out our insecurities and trigger points on other people. As the collective mind becomes more and more hedonistic in its nature, I see nature as taking the brunt of our inner pain. It does not fight back but takes the inner conflict with grace until a time comes that she cannot provide for us any longer.

Only inner healing and awareness can reveal love. Naturally, this will bring a healing to self and the planet.


Hatred Of Our Mothers

Earth is our home. She provides everything we need in our ecosphere.

Like our mother, when we are born, we are utterly reliant on her nurturing and love. If we don’t get this and/or are traumatised somehow, there are psychological fractures that continue to play out as we mature.

As I look at the gradual destruction of nature, I question to what degree the collective ego has trauma with their mother archetype. Could it be a subconscious disdain for the mother figure that is an underlying cause for natures destruction?

Do we subconsciously resent the mother archetype within us, which is neurotically playing out as destruction of nature? Rather than healing and transcending, we are playing out the pain and suffering in the world.


Crony Capitalism/Corporatism

If we look at the orange stage of the spiral dynamics model, we can see that Stage Orange’s essence is autonomy, self-interest, and materialism. The purpose of their life is to compete and win material pleasures, wealth and power. Its tagline is “Act in your own self-interest by playing the game to win.”

Often, stage orange, which we seem to be transitioning through now, holds profit as it’s highest value. You’ll see big organisations forfeit morals for a healthier bottom line. Evidence of this is oil spills and deforestation in the name of profit. We should understand this as a stage of consciousness that we evolve through.



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  1. fiona
    March 4, 2021 / 3:16 pm

    “Do we subconsciously resent the mother archetype within us, which is neurotically playing out as destruction of nature? Rather than healing and transcending, we are playing out the pain and suffering in the world.”
    This warrants more exploration, if you’re brave enough ! ! !
    My daughter cut me totally out of her life about 6 years ago, for about 3 years.
    I’d had some therapy from a guy in the USA about it. He rang me about a year later, asking me if he could use some of the work he’d done with me, to use to help other people. In his words ” It’s like an epidemic”
    He had more and more people getting in touch with him because of that issue.
    Also, just amongst my own set of friends/acquaintances. I hear about it more and more. Children just cutting themselves off. It’s utterly heartbreaking, for parents, and the children them selves.
    I’m just in the middle of reading Michael Tsarions book, Dragon Mother. Lots of lightbulb moments for me !

    For now, all I’m saying is extreme ownership is tough. It’s important to remember, when trying to mend a broken relationship, that it’s not about what your intentions may have been, it’s about the consequences for the other person.

    But ultimately extreme ownership leads to extreme empowerment. This is the gift I’m attempting to give my daughter at the moment, rather late. I wish I’d known it all sooner. I’m lucky though. She’s an utter joy, despite my well intended, but inept mothering !

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