Why Do People See The World Differently?

see the world differently

‘You’ve changed’ – something we get told by old friends who haven’t seen us for a while. Thank goodness we do, otherwise what is the point?

Back in 2010, I was angry with myself and angry at the world. I played a victim to circumstances. Although I’ve always had a definite sense of personal responsibility, any external event could trigger emotional reactions, and my behaviour wouldn’t benefit the circumstances.

I’m a completely different person now, and the way I see the world correlates with that. After years of conscious effort to develop myself as a human being, my values shifted and awareness of complexity increases.


Why Do People See The World Differently?

In a few words – ego development and consciousness.

If we look at the map of consciousness, we can see life’s view based on one’s level of consciousness.


map of consciousness





As we can see at the bottom of the map, we have ‘shame’. At this level, people view of the world is miserable. 

As we progress the consciousness levels, whether through one’s own will or grace, we see a movement towards a more peaceful and loving world. 

Therefore, if your view of life is negative, you can be sure that it merely a state of consciousness. You can evolve by surrendering those states and actively working on yourself to a more enlightened way of being. 

Towards the top of the map, we see life as harmonious, meaningful, and benign; until we reach the enlightenment stages, which are few and far between. 

See a more in-depth explanation of the map of consciousness here.



spiral dynamics



If we consider the Spiral Dynamics model to look at ego development stages, we see the different values people hold at different stages. Different values in people mean we see the world differently based on development.

At stage ‘Purple’ or ‘Magenta’ on this map, we would see indigenous cultures who see the world as magical and values ritual and deep community. 

At ‘Orange’ which is where a lot of the world is now, we can see that people value rationality, science and individuality. The ‘enlightenment’ era of the 17th/18th century was the start of this era. 

Towards the top of the map (Turquoise), we see the world as whole and continually evolving. 

See a more in-depth explanation of Spiral Dynamics here. Or watch this excellent video here. 



We can merge both the map of consciousness and the various ego development models. They integrate very well with each other.

Essentially, the higher one develops, the more benign and holistic they see life. A highly developed human would value truth, understanding and harmony with all people and cultures. They have a love for all of life and see it as ‘good’. This differs to lesser developed people and is why we see the world differently.

When we get a grasp of these models, we can communicate with people where they are at. We have a deep understanding of the different world-views and can use the models to assist people in their conscious evolution.