5 Major Life Realisations That Changed How I See The World

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5 Major Life Realisations

I thought I’d share the first five things that pop into my head, as realisations that significantly impacted how I see reality.


1) I know nothing.

‘I know that I know nothing’ – Socrates.

It wasn’t until I was about 21 that I read a book that made me question everything I held close. It took a period of integration to get over the fractures in my ego, finding out that my beliefs (and things I thought were true) were anything but.

This process happens continuously throughout life and could be considered initiation rites. I’m now at a point where I no longer hold anything as 100% accurate because with more information or at other levels of consciousness, the world is seen entirely differently.

As our egos develop and we hit a certain level of consciousness, humans begin to better themselves consciously – the fact that you are on this website probably suggests you are at that stage or beyond. We all know people who have no interest in bettering themselves as Human Beings, and that’s ok. They are at a certain level of development, which means they cannot become a higher version of themselves.

Also, by holding the position that ‘I know nothing’, it provides the space for potentiality – nothing is shut off, and everything is inclusive of everything else.


2) You know nothing.

As above.

Human knowledge is limited. While writing this, I am listening to 3 of the most successful investors on the planet – all of them having completely different belief systems around money and how the world is going. It’s a great example that people don’t know anything for sure regardless of success or stature.

The fundamental issue in the world today is that people think what they believe is better than what someone else believes. Of course, different beliefs hold different levels of truth, and they should be treated as such.

When you realise that ‘everybody knows nothing’, the world becomes a bit of a joke, and you take information from everywhere with a pinch of salt – learn and educate yourself. 

The best teacher in the world is reality – going into the world and taking action with regular periods of stillness.

You may even start questioning false science that gets rammed down your throat to remove liberties. The white coats and big pharma fall into this category – nobody escapes it.


3) The crowd holds no wisdom.

Crowd psychology is a fascinating study and something I suggest to everyone.

By the time we have a sense of self (around 3-4 years old), our ego has received a ton of programming from parents and their immediate surroundings. By 18-21, many people have not looked for anything outside of these conditioned patterns. As we reach adulthood, we have not been taught how to think independently, just what to think through parents and the education system.

Inevitably, without the ability to think and reason as an individual, it’s easy to fall into group-think. What comes out of the television conditions the person. Whatever they resonate with becomes their existence, and nothing outside of that can be understood – this is why it holds no wisdom.

Check out my article on crowd psychology here.


4) People operate based on their level of consciousness.

Compassion becomes a natural state when you realise that people are operating based on levels of consciousness. It becomes less personal to them as a physical being and gives a greater sense of understanding. 

For example, if someone is operating at level 100 (Map of consciousness) which is fear – the person’s entire reality is moulded around these attractor fields. Much of the world is operating at this level right now – which is why it is in a seeming state of chaos. 

On the other hand, a person operating at 400 is more consciously developed and has a strong reason. They will see the level of fear as irrational and will go out of their way to find information to find ‘the truth’. This is where mainstream science resides. 

When you grasp that people are run by consciousness and ego programming, rather than being ‘an idiot’ or holding different values from you, you naturally become benign and loving.


5) Love is the answer (not Hollywood love) – We Need To Focus On The Blockages

Love is the field of energy that holds everything together. As a feeling, it is complete bliss (in limited language). I have only been able to reach this state on mind-altering substances, and only once in a state of deep meditation.

What I have come to recognise is that you cannot seek love. Love is our natural state and therefore resides within. The reason we do not live in that space is that we have put up barriers to it. Trauma and stunted ego development create defence mechanisms to help us ‘feel safe’. Liberation occurs once these have been worked through, and we reach a state of surrender.

Love is the answer to everything.

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. – 1 John 4:8.