This Is Why You’re Still Unhappy

still unhappy


I’m writing this short piece for anybody who continues to live their life with that little niggling feeling of emptiness. That feeling that something isn’t quite right, and no matter what you do, you can never fill the void. Most people are walking around still unhappy, regardless of their seeming successes and actions.


This Is Why You’re Still Unhappy

It took me seven years studying the ancient and modern spiritual traditions to discover this and how to overcome it. When I was 21, and my life got turned upside down, and my soul took me on a path I’d never considered. Before then, I was miserable and unhappy. I’d take this out on the people I loved and particularly the women in my life… which I now know was the anima (the feminine aspect of the unconscious manifesting itself).

But at 21, circumstance pushed my life force into a new direction, and I felt for the first time a sense of wholeness. It’s taken seven years of self-discovery with hours upon hours of meditation and contemplation to understand what, why and how to overcome that sense of unhappiness that most people experience most of the time. It’s a tragedy.


The Answer Is Time

The irony is that it’s straightforward but not easy, and one sentence can sum it up in one sentence. The reason people are miserable regardless of what they do is that they are seeking the unreal. People cannot find sustaining happiness and fulfilment because they pursue things that are fleeting in time. Only that which is eternal can bring eternal peace.

Family, careers, romance, money… all that stuff – it comes and goes. That’s why you cannot fill the void. Your energy is being focussed in the wrong direction.

The only way to live a good life and be a wholesome human is by grasping the nature of reality and seeking that wisdom with all of your might. The truth, eternal truth, is the only thing that can get a human to that state.

Culturally we know that truth as God. (I’m conscious of getting lost in words and conditioning). I am not talking of the mainstream religious God with all of the dogma around it. I’m talking about the experience of complete unity with all of existence and that being the foundation of being. This can’t be just words – it has to be a known experience.



A trick to removing the barriers to your essence’s realisation is to drop your persistent need to have beliefs and positions on everything. Know that you don’t know hardly anything about anything; in reality, it’s just the ego needing to be right in taking its positions.

Become conscious of the positions and their underlying ignorance, and you’ll open yourself up to wisdom. Limiting your experience by rigidly holding onto beliefs holds your consciousness back.


So in closing, become mindful of where you’re attention is going. Be sure that there is nothing you can do in the world that will give you that lasting sense of peace you’re looking for. Only an inward journey seeking the truth of your essence can do that. It’s then up to you to walk that path for yourself.