The Transition From Lower To Higher Mind

higher mind


Humans arrived at a point where physiological changes occurred to withstand the spiritual energy it needed to evolve. At a specific stage of development, the nervous system’s spiritual energy is transformative and becomes self-sustaining. Before this point, the system (human) is energy-draining and ‘sucks life’ from its surrounding to survive – this is the ego’s energy source.


The Lower Mind

The lower mind is a term to describe the lower natures of man. The lower natures are a product of consciousness evolution in animals, with the basic animal instincts being survival utilising aggression and dominance.

When we actively use ‘the lower mind’, the brain’s operation could be considered ‘left brain’ (right brain for left-handed people). Without going into excessive detail, this is the part of the brain used for information processing.

Input is processed in the Thalamus and then to the Amygdala. The information input then moves to the Prefrontal Cortex (higher mind) after being processed by the relay (Thalamus) and emotional (Amygdala) centres. Therefore, the emotional response occurs before intelligence and cognition can modify the response.

The lower mind also has limited spiritual awareness because its focus is on survival – which is the ego’s primary goal. The physical body is weak because of the lack of spiritual energy with an inefficient acupuncture system.


The Higher Mind

The higher mind (in this context) is a term to describe the development of human consciousness at a point where consciousness becomes progressively aligned to love and the search for spiritual truth. The higher mind becomes dominant at a particular stage of human conscious evolution.

Physiologically, the information input goes from the Thalamus (relay centre) to the Prefrontal Cortex and then to the Amygdala (emotional centre). Because information goes through the prefrontal cortex before the emotional centre, there is a layer of intelligence that modifies output. The higher mind can contextualise situations at its prevailing level of consciousness.

The higher mind has progressively expanding spiritual awareness because the focus of one’s existence is turned inwards. It has a focus on the discovery of truth. The body is generally strong with a healthy acupuncture system.