Contemplation 2 – The Psychology Behind Conspiracies

The Psychology Behind Conspiracies

The Psychology Behind Conspiracies

With all of the corruption in high places across the globe, is there any surprise that conspiracy theories gain so much traction?

In this short contemplation I uncover the difference between a conspiracy and conspiracy theory, and talk about how the Human mind creates these theories to fill in gaps in the own uncertain psyche.


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00:17 – Intro

I’ve been considering recently about the amount of conspiracy theories that are going around about various different content. And, trying to understand where and why they become popular because it’s certain levels of consciousness that believe certain things, right?

00:42 – Conspiracy or Conspiracy Theory?

So for example, you wouldn’t see or find the most intelligent people on the planet  considering some of these off the wall conspiracy theories, flat earth type stuff, it wouldn’t even enter their awareness, right? So why and what is going on in somebodies psychology that they would actually believes such things. And what is the difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory? Because they’re not the same thing.

01:21- Naivety

To say that conspiracies never occur, well, that’s just very naive, a naive point of view. For conspiracy theory, as its name says, is theoretical. It’s often, someone’s come up with an idea, put a missing link together using their imagination and filled in the gaps in their own psychology. Because they can’t handle the lack of certainty that they’ve got in their mind. So they create something. And it appeals to the humans need for storytelling and excitement. Then very often that catches on, which is what’s happening right now in the world, because there’s so much uncertainty about.

02:25 – Certainty

There is loads of little stories and ideas floating around with very little meaning, very logic to them. But people will just buy into them, and attach their minds onto them. So that they have some sort of certainty in life.

02:49 – Agreed upon Corruption

But the question that I throw back at the people who simply dismiss conspiracies out of hand, is do you not believe that these people have a right to believe these things? And I ask because very few people would actually doubt that the governments across the world and some of these huge organisations… few would argue that they’re very corrupt, is sort of agreed upon that governments are corrupt and incompetent. So these major organisations have got financial, by the big pharmaceutical companies, for example, they’ve got financial rewards and manipulation going on.

03:38 – Judgement

So don’t they have a right to question? See, I think they do. And I don’t judge a lot of these people who believe into these conspiracy theories. I don’t judge them. Because, you know, if we simply believed everything that we were told, then we would never actually progress.

04:11 – Example

Martin Luther King, for example, if he’d had just gone along with everything, then they wouldn’t have the civil rights movement in in America… that wasn’t a conspiracy. Another another couple of examples. We had Operation Paperclip in the US, that was just conspiracy theory for a while, but then it all come out. They admitted to it, then it’s a conspiracy. There’s no theory then to that. And there’s a operation, Montauk or something like that. I think that was what the the programme on Netflix was about. With the four kids and it was all like magical… Stranger Things, that was it.

05:04 – Low Consciousness

Do the people who believe in these conspiracy theories, do they have a right based on past experience with governments and large corporations? Or is their psychology merely ignorant? I tend to think that they do have a right but we also have to have an understanding that the majority of these conspiracy theories are absolute nonsense. And some of them are that ridiculous that only very naive and lowly developed consciousness would believe it.

05:50 – Realistic Conspiracy

So, one of the things that I tend to look at is that the type of people and the consciousness of the people that are believing them, what are they? Because that’s a telling sign as to how realistic the conspiracy is.


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