Contemplation 3 – Can Materialist Science Take Us Any Further?

Materialist Science

Can Materialist Science Take Us Any Further?

Materialist Science has done wonders for the evolution of consciousness. It has given us an understanding of reality, allowing us to transcend dogmatic religious doctrine.

But have we got to the pinnacle of where material science can take us? And what will the science of the future look like?







0:17 – Intro
Walter Russell wrote, in his new concept for the universe, that the biggest error in science is that it should the creator out of creation. And until we go back to some form of creation, not in the sense of a man in the sky, you know, picking people like the Sims and you know creating some moral virtue, but some deeply esoteric, infinite, timeless, eternal field of energy as the zero point field of creation, then scientists always going to be left wanting; with its reductionist idea around matter, and how we got to where we are, over millennia.

1:35 – Material Science
This isn’t to say, you know, bashing science or anything like that, because it’s played an important role in getting to where we are today. It’s sort of brought us out of a very mythical and religious part of our evolution. Which isn’t to say religious, have religious consciousness was bad, but more necessary. At the time when we were warring and fighting for land. That structure of religion actually allowed us to transcend that quite brutal part of our past. But science bought us out of that, and moved us into a far more structured way of thinking.

2:49 – Scientific Genius
Scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Rupert Sheldrake who is more modern. We need to be revering the work of these people. I think Nikola Tesla said about Walter Russel’s work that -we need to lock his work up for 1000 years until mankind is ready. His work mainly revolved around the wave form. And how that the secret of creation lies in the wave, you can check out his work online, he’s got five or six books, the universal one, a new concept for the universe, the secret of light. Phenomenal work and when you’ve been need to be teaching students this type of stuff at universities and whatever.

3:41 – Objectivity
But the scientific field particularly physics, is stuck at the material level of existence, which only goes so far. I mean, they’ve gone to the microscopes gone as far as they can and found nothing. They found simple, empty space. So the objective reality that science is looking for, they’ve realised doesn’t exist. The can’t come out and actually say that because, it sort of, makes most of the work obsolete.

4:30 – Subjectivity
If they turned around and said that reality was a subjective universe, then Darwin’s theory of evolution would be of a lot less value, given a lot less value rather than what it is today.

5:06 – Capitalism
And the byproduct of materialist science has been the the influx of capitalism – not necessarily saying capitalism is bad at all. I mean, I consider myself a conscious capitalist myself. But capitalism in the sense that it’s every man for himself. I don’t care about anybody else, but myself, as long as profit is there, that’s, that often goes hand in hand with the atheist view of life.

Most definitely not all the time at all, not, you know, knocking atheism one bit here. But in the general they go hand in hand, and like atheism, hardcore capitalism, such as Ayn Rand’s philosophy, we’ve got a lot of respect for; I like her work a lot. And that sort of go hand in and material science, extreme capitalism.

6:14 – Creation
So when we transcend the stage, as a collective, and as individuals, as Walter also says, the Creator will be bought back into Creation. There’ll be a lot more reverence for life and the planet, nature. We won’t be raping and pillaging. And we started to see the movement into this stage today.

6:42 – SJW’s
You get a lot of the, you know, the social justice warriors marching down the street. I don’t think that’s the answer. No, but at least they’re doing something, I suppose satisfies their need to feel validated, often. But the systems that we can have evolve upon now.

7:03 – Moving Forward
We’ve got some intelligent people across the planet who are bringing together technology and wisdom from the ages to make these things happen, you know, bring capitalism more in line with nature. We don’t have to get rid of all these processes and models that have got us to where we are, we need to build upon them and transcend on them. Science being one of the big ones.

I mean, when do we give up on science? A lot of people have given up on the government, particularly in the last six months or so; they’ve given up on… in different areas. So when do people give up on materialist science? And I think people can start getting fed up of it in the future. To say, you know, there’s more, we need to find more.

8:00 – Transcending Science
We had a big shift with quantum physics and Einstein, David Bohm…people like that. And I think we’ll get bigger shifts as we move forward. People like Rupert Sheldrake are mentioned previous, talking about morphogenetic fields. Now, he’s been sort of laughed out of the laboratory as it is, but at least he’s putting the work out there is, you know, very well known.

8:32 – Collapsing Polarity
So we will transcend materialist science, we will transcend atheism. Creation, and evolution will merge into the same thing. Rather than, you know, them being at war, as if the polarities which they’re not exactly the same, and maybe there will be a bit more peace.



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