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You’ve probably landed here because you’ve been seeking for years, and the seeking is getting tiresome – there is no end to it. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you just can’t seem to ‘get there’. There may be glimpses of it, but then it fades away again. 

I’ve been there and through it, and it still rears its head. I’m not ‘enlightened’ or ‘liberated’ because there is no one to be enlightened or liberated. It’s an eternal paradox and quite honestly a myth in itself anyway. 

Seeking is its own engine, a bit like a dog chasing its tail. There is no seeking here. The information and ideas that are shared are to their own end. There is no value to them. 


The Dream State

This is all a dream. That doesn’t help anyone; hence there is no value. It’s essential to recognise the difference between Truth and having a nice dream. One is eternal; the other is fleeting. 

A lot of my work has been labelled ‘destructive’ and ‘nihilistic’ (just opinions and belief systems). This is because I tend to slice through people’s beliefs systems (the dream) and leave the truth staring at them – which is often very unpleasant. 

It’s surprising to some that I run a few different companies. I have messages from people asking how I operate ‘in the world of capitalism’ with this ‘awareness’. It’s pretty common to hear people struggling to function in the world if their main focus is ‘spirituality’. That’s all just a story the individual is telling themself – it’s not true and holds people back.

You’ll find information that I share that I’ve found useful operating as a ‘me’ in the dream. They include psychology, philosophy, wealth, health, overall personal development etc. These are generally in the form of written articles, videos and podcasts. 


Direct ‘Truth’

Most of the content now points towards to unknowing, right now and eternally. This message is the end of seeking and completely destructive in it’s nature. 

Having spent ten years seeking what cannot be found, I now share this message with people who wish to hear it. There is no logic here. There is no linear concept that can be grasped because This is beyond the mind and thinking. 

There is only enlightenment. There is only freedom. What we long for is also what we fear the most… non-existence.



If you’re interested in the story of ‘me’, click here. It’s completely meaningless, but people tend to appreciate stories because it resonates with theirs.



Find me on TwitterInstagram and YouTube. There is also a private Facebook group and Discord channel for discussion. 

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