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Thank you for being here. I appreciate your attention.

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably seeking something different to what has got you to where you are. Chances are, you’re a walking and talking mirror of culture. You’re probably stuck in a paradigm, whether scientific, ‘spiritual’, academic, religious etc. Much of that holds little to zero value.

The work I do is not for the masses. I devote my life to Truth and care not for ideas, opinions and belief systems – which the majority know of no other. They’re ignorant and do not wish to See, even if Truth is thrust upon them.

There is no will to change anybody nor prove anybody right or wrong. If you want someone to offer a process or instruction to have a better life, please find them elsewhere. The self-help marketplace is enormous and ever-growing, this work is not that.

Devotion to understanding Reality gives One permission to lose oneself on the path. Everyone’s path is radically different; imitate no other. My worldview is mine alone, as is yours.

Much cannot be spoken, categorised or known. This site allows me to create a resonance for the tired seeker.



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I also have courses and other resources which I’ve taken off this website. If you email me, I may send you a link to them.



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There is also a Telegram group as I move away from overly censored platforms.

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