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Thanks for visiting my website. I appreciate the sacredness of your attention, and I don’t take it for granted.

I consider this an extension of the mind where I can share my thoughts in articles, videos, podcasts etc.

The world seems to be going through big changes right now, and quality information that appeals to similar minded people is a sense-making necessity.

This is my effort to contribute to that in some way.

Thanks for being here.


The Work

My work has been labelled ‘destructive’ and ‘nihilistic’. This is because I tend to destroy beliefs systems (illusion) which leaves the truth staring at them – which is often unpleasant to the conditioned and programmed construct of an undeveloped ego. 

You’ll find information here that I have studied and continue to embody as I develop. This includes psychology, philosophy, wealth, health, spirituality, and individual sovereignty.

I provide private consultations with people as a service. You can take a look here.



If you’re interested in the story of ‘me’, click here.



Find me on TwitterInstagram and YouTube. There is also a private Facebook group.

There is also a Telegram group as I move away from overly censored platforms.

You can also support my work and join the community on Patreon.

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