Updated August 4th, 2022. Inspired by Derek Sivers.


What I’m Learning About

Books, Blogs/Articles etc.

I read for 2 hours every day, majority non-fiction and poetry.


Advanced Spiritual Teachings

  • Non-Duality (Radical and otherwise)
  • Christian Mysticism
  • Sufism
  • Zen
  • Advaita Vedanta
  • Buddhism
  • Western Magical Tradition



  • Psychological/Consciousness Development Models


Digital Economy

  • Monetising Purpose
  • ‘Conscious’ Marketing


Life Optimisation

  • Sovereignty Principles
  • ‘Plan B’
  • Investing



I’ll doubt I’ll stop investing. The majority of my surplus funds go directly into my portfolio pie which keeps me on the ball.


What I’m Creating


Writing articles as I learn to deepen understanding and share my findings with readers.

I’ve recently moved my writing over to Substack. I write about the paradoxical nature of Life and how f*cking magic it is.

My past articles will be archived on the website soon.



The Dancing Paradox Podcast



I’ve recently started sharing excerpts from the wise ones of the past, along with sharing my own musings and podcast videos. Check out my YouTube channel.



I’m recording self-inquiries and explorations into the nature of Self which will be uploaded as meditations on Insight Timer.