Stage Green – Spiral Dynamics

stage green

Stage Green, the sixth awakening on the spiral, emerges as people begin to see the lack of depth and meaning within Stage Orange. This level of consciousness longs to associate with the human spirit and nature. 

Green is the first level on the spiral to view spirituality as non-sectarian and understand its role and deep connection to nature, without doctrine. 

Green is devoted to community and wants to bring the world together; placing equal value on all with a need for peaceful co-existence. Green generally feels anger at the way Blue and Green has abused nature. They do not resonate with the way the prior stages have strived for power and material gain and longs for a way of living sustainably. 

It is common to see extremists within Green, such as mass protestors participating in “Anti” behaviours. This can be a big problem in itself; we see a lot of it in the world today. 

You will see Greens performing sustainable actions, such as recycling, using public transport and purchasing second-hand clothes to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’. 

There are many examples of Green in today’s society. Some of those include The ‘Me-Too’ Movement, Green Peace, Climate Change Activists, Black Lives Matter Activists, Veganism and more. 

In 2020, Stage Green represents 10% of the global adult population; however, in America and Western Europe, this could reach 30%. Green represents about 15% of the influence, mainly through NGOs such as Greenpeace and Green politics.


The Origin Of Stage Green

Stage Green appeared approximately 200 years ago, in France and Germany. It emerged as a development (and rejection) of the capitalist and materialistic world that Orange created; with little regard for nature, sustainability or equality. There was a need for a deeper connection and emotional well-being, as well as a belief of shared abundance. 


Point of Gravity 

The essence of Stage Green is to find peace with the inner self and explore the compassionate and caring dimensions of the community. It is feminine and serves the collective. 


Stage Green Phrases or Slogans

  • “Love conquers all.”
  • “Money can’t buy life” – Bob Marley.
  • “Time heals all wounds.”
  • “If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace” – John Lennon.
  • “Happiness is only true when it’s shared”
  • “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine” – Che Guevara.


Characteristics of Stage Green

The following characteristics are observed at Stage Green:

  • Green seeks inner peace for themselves and others.
  • Green is aware of the suffering in the world, for both humans and other sentient beings.
  • Green is anti-hierarchal and anti-authoritarian.
  • Green recognises the validity of other communities, races and species. 
  • For green individuals, feelings supersede rationality. 
  • Green believes everybody is equal, from Stage Beige to Stage Orange on the spiral.
  • For a Green individual, sacrifice feels good.
  • Green values socialism and left-wing politics.
  • Environmentalism is a socio-political movement for Green individuals
  • Green relates to others in an empathetic way 
  • Green values health, food and exercise 
  • Green has a community mindset
  • Green wishes to share the earths resources equally amongst all. 
  • Green may manifest in the form of environmentalism, charities and social justice movements.
  • Green values inclusivity.
  • Green values free love and intimate sex.
  • Green values art for the sake of art.
  • Green is open to new-age concepts and can quickly go ‘overboard’. Examples include Tao, EQ, Chi, Finding God Within, Reiki, Astral Projection, Indian Gurus, Veganism, Mother Earth and more. 


Healthy Manifestations of Stage Green: 

Those at Stage Green show the following healthy manifestations or characteristics: 

  • Green values exploring the inner self.
  • Green understands the importance of personal development and introspection for themselves and the community as a whole.
  • Green are caring and compassionate individuals.
  • Green is generally more empathetic than other stages. 
  • Green understands the importance of sustainability for nature and the planet and cares for something other than itself.
  • Green is a rejection of shallow materialism.
  • Green is a return to spirituality.


Unhealthy Manifestations of Stage Green:

Unhealthy manifestations of Stage Green:

  • Green can struggle with decision making.
  • Green can be patronising.
  • Green will avoid conflicts, as they believe harmony is more important.
  • Green can feel their own beliefs are the ultimate truth.
  • Green can be exclusive to those who don’t have the same mindset.
  • Green can find it difficult to see results due to the quest for morality and equality.
  • Due to Greens need for equality, it can be blind to differences.
  • Green can easily become radicalised.
  • Green can often force their views onto others, believing everyone should think like them.


Moving from Stage Green to Stage Yellow

Stage Green transcends into Stage Yellow. This transcendence usually comes from a place of frustration towards Greens radicalisation, flawed rationality, potential ‘anti’ actions and lack of problem-solving. As the individual moves into Green, they begin to live more from a place of love, as opposed to a place of fear. This is their first step into the Second-Tier of the spiral, and the individual begins to search for systems to solve a lot of the issues Green recognises. 


Gratitude to Don Beck, Chris Cowan and Clare Graves for the gift of this work.

I’d also like to thank SDiNL and for the exceptional work they have done in sharing this information and making it accessible to the masses.