Stage Blue – Spiral Dynamics

stage blue

In response to Stage Red leaders, Stage Blue created an ‘ultimate’ authority figure, who appeals to the notion of ‘right’, ‘wrong’ and morality and who would take on the power of the Stage Red Leader. People began to understand that life under Stage Red leadership was not safe or effective and therefore began to appeal to a higher order. This new authority figure is often known as ‘God’ within organised religion.

Although this new leader is kinder and more compassionate than the Stage Red leader, it is usually just as vengeful and mighty (‘The Lord is vengeful against his foes; he rages against his enemies’). However, this level does create a higher sense of order and morality within the collective. 

When individuals enter Stage Blue, it is the first time that emotions such as guilt will be used as a way of control and to keep order within the Hierarchy. 

In the Hierarchal structure of Blue, foreigners, animals and plants are found at the bottom of the system and exist mainly to serve blue. Discipline, values and norms are prevalent at this stage, and the masses will follow them religiously. Blue is often the basis of the conversion to institutionalised religions – a big step up from Red.

In 2020, Stage Blue represents around 40% of the adult population and holds 30% of the power. An example of a Blue Individual is someone who is a devotee to an institutionalised religion. You may hear them say ‘Do not unto others, what you would not have them do unto you.’


The Origin Of Blue

Stage Blue originated around 10,000 years ago, during the rise of agriculture in Iraq. Its conversion was due to the injustice and corruption within Stage Red hierarchies, whose power threatened life and had little morality. 

Boundaries and order manifested to lessen the structural problems and set a foundation for a more moral society. 


Point of Gravity 

The essence of Blue is that the world should be in order and controlled through the purpose of a higher motive. There is a ‘wrong’ way of living that should be punished, whilst the ‘right’ way of living should be rewarded; inline with the Blue leaders values. 


Stage Blue Phrases or Slogans

  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Put your money where your mouth is
  • Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you
  • “The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was invented by the devil to keep christians from running their own country.” – Reverend Jerry Falwell
  • Practice what you preach
  • “Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians” – Pat Robertson


Characteristics of Stage Blue

The following characteristics will be noted at this stage:

  • Rules and order are very significant, of which blue is highly obedient
  • Blue often believes their civilisation is the only ‘right’ civilisation
  • Blue has little need for progression and values tradition
  • Blue finds conformity to be a way of life
  • The feeling of guilt is prevalent at Stage Blue and is used as a means of control.
  • Stage Blue values patriarchy and women are often there to ‘benefit men’.
  • Blue has a ‘We’ vs ‘They’ mentality. 
  • Morality is critical within Stage Blue.
  • Blue values are serving God and doctrine.
  • Blue believes that this life is a prerequisite to the afterlife. 
  • Those at Stage Blue are willing to sacrifice for the greater good.
  • Blues’ obedience originates from a sense of guilt and duty.
  • Those at Stage Blue are usually very organised individuals.
  • Blues greater purpose is not selfish, but to benefit their civilisation.
  • Blue values Patriotism, Family Values and ‘Our Country’.
  • Blue values the restraint of passion, sexual urges and emotions. 


Healthy Manifestations of Stage Blue: 

Those at Stage Blue show the following healthy manifestations or characteristics: 

  • Blue has a lot of self-control and self-discipline
  • Blue has a sense of Justice, which goes hand in hand with the rules and civilisation 
  • Those at Stage Blue are usually very trustworthy people
  • Blue typically have clear, straight-forward, communication
  • Blue can make clear decisions
  • Blue often searches for meaning


Unhealthy Manifestations of Stage Blue:

Unhealthy manifestations of Stage Blue:

  • Stage Blue is often fundamentalistic
  • Blue are often harsh and cold individuals
  • Blue are continually striving for perfection 
  • Blue tends to ‘stick to the rules’ without any questioning
  • Blue is very closed-minded 
  • Blue is very inflexible
  • Blue are often very polarising 


Moving from Stage Blue to Stage Orange

Stage Orange is the next level after Stage Blue, as the restrictive and oppressive order became too extreme, and the individual broke free from Blue’s order. 

Individual ambition is now seen again (as is in Stage Red), and science and evidence become important. In contrast, before this, much of their values and beliefs are based on low-level spirituality. 


Gratitude to Don Beck, Chris Cowan and Clare Graves for the gift of this work.

I’d also like to thank SDiNL and for the exceptional work they have done in sharing this information and making it accessible to the masses.