Spirituality The Avoidance Strategy

Spirituality The Avoidance Strategy

Spirituality The Avoidance Strategy

We are masters of distraction. It has never been easier with the amount of tech, information and pleasure available at our fingertips. Taking this further (and more importantly), it’s very easy to avoid doing real meaningful work.

One of the major distractions we have, particularly for the new age types, is spirituality being used as an avoidance tool. Otherwise known as spiritual-bypassing.


Spirituality The Distractor

Through experience, I can say that it is very simple to use spirituality as a get out tool. If you are unhappy with your relationship with the world, and what you have created for yourself, spirituality is always there as a cushion to lean on – you can drop ‘the world’ and run to a retreat in the Himalayas – physically or metaphorically.

How do we know if we’re using spirituality as an avoidance strategy?

  1. Use spiritual talk as a defence mechanism to serious psychological work
  2. Believing in your own spiritual superiority as a way to hide from insecurities.
  3. Only focusing on the positive or being overly optimistic
  4. Thinking people can overcome things with positive thinking.
  5. Avoiding responsibility for one’s action and blaming external circumstances.

Spiritual bypassing may make you feel better in the short term, but is problematic in the long term as any unresolved issues resurface.


Spirituality The Liberator

Spirituality is not a tool. Dedication to ones own freedom, sovereignty and liberation (firstly in the world and then in oneSelf) is a way of living and being in the world, not a tool to avoid it.

Liberating yourself from the shackles of society and the collective mind is only one step, and a very important one – this is a spirituality and takes great courage. Liberating your lower self takes you through and past the world to higher levels of consciousness. This requires the annihilation of identity (in a worldly sense), everything you have picked up from society and parents that needs to be burnt away to leave your authentic self, in all of its glory.


“Straight and narrow is the path; waste no time.” – Dr David Hawkins