2 Types Of Trauma


Many don’t realise the impact that trauma has on the quality of a persons life. 

The average Human Being, who does very little in inner development and spiritual work, is unaware that they live through psychological patterns; many of which have been imprinted through trauma. 


There are two types of trauma to consider –

Shock Trauma

A traumatic instant in time that lodges itself into the psyche. For example, being in a car accident as a child can create a pattern whereby the individual induces excessive levels of fear with perceived uncertainty – they need to be in control all of the time.

A mothers shock can also affect a fetus in the womb, something rarely considered by psychologists. 


Developmental Trauma

Usually worse than shock trauma.

Developmental trauma is often parental and family-orientated – abuse, neglect etc. Because of the psycho-somatic nature of the Human, this type of trauma can seriously stunt physical growth and ego development. 

Esoterically, developmental trauma can negatively impact the auric field and subtle bodies. 


Modern Day Trauma

I’d think that modernity has more trauma that at any point in history. We now have parents with severe developmental trauma, bleeding trauma into their children – becoming a generational problem. It has become a devastating case of the blind leading the blind.

Maybe this is a manifestation of Kali Yuga, but perhaps it is our anti-psychological age. A despise for inner self-introspection, leading to an addiction to external stimuli and hedonism.

Can we expect to overcome trauma if we are not prepared to do the greater work and burn our karma?